What Games Do Women Play the Most in Casinos?

Since the starting of time, there has been a fight between men and women over which gender is better at some things. Men are considered to be better at the activity, but women are better at a distance. Men are considered to be powerful than women, but women stay stronger for a longer period. Women will ask for guidance, but men are more likely to be able to drive.

Several people who visit land-based casinos usually say that men easily outnumber the fairer sex at casino games. Though, the truth is, these people view in the wrong way! The bulk of the women who play at both land-based casino and online casinos, like playing slot games. There is a common misunderstanding that women are more into bingo. This was maybe true around a decade ago, but these days, women have made a turn to the more exciting off-line/online slots.

For a long time, casino games were the preserve of men, and women just went along for fun or as partners. This is not the case in these modern times as women become masters at casino games. Not only are women players a popular site in casinos, but there are also female dealers in the casino that are specialists at their job. A study has shown that women like playing slot machines because of the thrill and social experience given by them, whereas men usually look for financial prizes.

When it comes to casino games, some are better entertained than others for women. With the demand for online casino games, they don’t have to go out to land-based casinos to play their beloved games. Online casino games have also increased the following of gambling for women because several of them offer a social platform like chat rooms where they can interact with each other as they play. So, there are a lot of women playing casino games.

The Upswing of the Women Gambler

When gambling became more and more common in Europe, it was no wonder that European women also began their presence in the industry. Very soon after, American women supported through although they were still too exhausted to talk openly about their gambling habits. That was because, at the time, the appearance of women on the gambling picture was still recognized with resistance.

Women usually hide their gambling actions from their friends and families because it was thought to be endangered for a lady to engage in such activities. Later, though, the slot machine became famous among women because it was a pastime they could entertain in a while their partners took over the casino table games. Though, when roulette entered the picture, the presence of women gamblers became more robust and more visible. A lot has changed since then in gambling, and as with many industries, women are taking the lead.

Fortuna, The Goddess of Gambling

While gambling existed in various cultures across the earth, gambling in ancient Rome was especially remarkable both as a favorite exercise and because women were permitted to gamble. Even the Roman god of gambling – Fortuna – was female. There were numerous legends, stories and religious ideas surrounding Fortuna, who was the Roman goddess of luck, good luck, and gambling. Her name is received from “Fortunatus”, a Latin word that means peaceful, lucky and wealthy. She is represented in several forms from success to tragedy to reflect the whimsical nature of chance. Slaves and plebeians most notably favored Fortuna because it was considered that she held power to offer riches and liberty.

In England, during the 1700s, the only legal gambling that was allowed was lotteries approved by the government. But illegal or not, this didn’t prevent society from playing their favorite games. A group of distinguished women called the “Faro Ladies” became famous for joining games of Faro which is a far relative of Poker. Lady Sarah Archer, Buckinghamshire, Mrs. Sturt, Mrs. Concannon, and Lady Elizabeth would usually host Faro tables late into the night. Famous for their love of gambling, the great ladies also gave a place for women of the society to gather, socialize and play as they addressed political and social concerns.

Going forward to the 19th century, we meet the famous Eleanor Dumont, also known as Madame Mustache, who was one of the first well-known expert blackjack players in American history. Born in France, DuMont would later move to Nevada City, California to build her own very prosperous Blackjack salon. Even though Blackjack has long been viewed as a men’s game, Eleanor DuMont made a name for herself and kept her name for more than two decades. She was specified for the Blackjack Hall of Fame but sadly did not get enough votes to gain her entry.

Men vs. Women

According to psychoanalysts, men have a sub-conscious need to control their opponents and win in a fight of jokes and skill in card games like poker and blackjack. Men are also more attracted to games that meet their need for fun such as high stakes roulette, craps, and baccarat. Women, on the other hand, see gambling differently, seeing it as a way to be relaxed while communicating and comparing with people who share similar concerns. This indicates that women are drawn to games of luck like slots, bingo and lottery which need less care to detail than other skill-based casino games, making them the classic entertainment while also enjoying a chat with another player.

The approach of online casinos, though, has made this powerful to be changed. This is not only because they make all games available to all players without the daunting factor of having to play them in front of an expert dealer and other experienced players as well as the truth that there is complete anonymity which eliminates the observed gender preference on certain games. Also, casino software providers have invented slots which include an element of skill and fun that draw men.

Data from online casinos shows that specific online slots have a 50/50 gender split and even games that would have been thought to be targeted at a predominantly male audience like the various Marvel themed slots which feature a variety of superheroes and villains surprisingly showed an equal split between male and female players. Let’s take you over the most famous online casino games among women today.

1. Online Slots

It’s no secret that women love slots. The study shows that it manages to be a game that’s controlled by females. In fact, for every one male player you see enjoying slots, there are a dozen female players. We notice that slot machines are a great opener game for women who aren’t into table games. Some women love playing but find table games are quite intimidating. Slots provide even more excitement than table games with the opportunity to hit a big jackpot that seldom exists at the tables.

Though women love gambling, they see table games not interesting. Slot machines offer much more fun compared to the table games if you fancy playing for slightly less money. Slots may be reasonable, but they also provide chances to win seriously big jackpots.

2. Roulette

There’s something about Roulette that tells us of Wheel of Fortune. And while both men and women like that TV game show, it’s clear that it’s more familiar with women. That’s reasonably way Roulette is one of the most famous games among women. The trick of the spinning wheel and the chance of catching your favorite figure makes us entertained every time we play. Of course, there aren’t any words to change over in this casino game. But losing your chips on one of 38 numbers is fun.

3. Craps

The next time you walk by craps tables, check out who’s performing the dice tossing. Six times out of 10 it’s a woman. Perhaps it’s the truth that several men bring their wives and lovers to gather around the table for good luck. But we do understand that most women tend to experience Roulette, a lot more than men. Roulette is one of those games that seems overly complicated thanks to several different betting possibilities. But at the end of the time, it’s to experience.

Whatever may be the purpose, it’s a well-known reality that women know craps better than men.

4. Bingo

This is another game that women are attracted to for its social aspect. It does not require a lot of concentration apart from stamping your bingo card. It doesn’t need a complex strategy. In addition to this, one is not likely to lose a considerable amount of money when playing it. In particular cases, the rewards are not financial; instead, they offer gifts such as spa coupons, and this makes it an attractive option for women.

5. Live Poker

While men manage to dominate the live poker circuit, more and more women are sitting down to perform live poker at casinos. The fact that women dominate the game supports women do better and go more. Far too numerous cash game players believe that women aren’t very skilled at poker, and women poker players are taking benefit of that by bluffing their route to big rewards. This is particularly true at smaller casinos outside of Vegas where woman poker players are outnumbered big time.

Women have been driving the growth of skills-based gaming. There are too many female poker role models around these days, which is lots of motivating for young women who want to take up live poker and make a mark in it. Many people think that women aren’t outstanding poker players. And women don’t mind taking advantage of this misunderstanding and can be seen bluffing their way to immense fortunes!

Following are some myths about women gambling, let’s have a look:

1. Women gamble less than men

2. Only old ladies gamble

3. Women are less vulnerable to gambling addiction

4. Women’s favorite gambling activity is bingo

5. Women love to going to land-based casinos alone

6. Women do not play more slot machines than men

7. Women are likely to bet on sports

8. Women are less involved in poker than men

9. Women do not prefer online casinos

10. Women do not prefer to gamble for social reasons

11. Most women do not escape gamblers

12. Fewer women gamble today than they ever did before

13. The average female gambler is 39 years of age

14. Married women are more likely to gamble compared to single women

15. Women are luckier than men

Women and Gambling

Today, there are enough famous female gamblers to shift the balance toward the fairer sex, and no one can question their talent and determination. Women gamblers have been prominent in all aspects of gambling, and even in high stake Poker tournaments. With that said, it won’t be long until we see a lady becoming the world Poker champion.

When choosing the casino games for women, remember that many of them value solitary games such as slots as opposed to table games like poker. This is why the advent of online casinos has led to an increase in female gambling.

Our list of the most popular casino games among women is only going to grow, and you can thank online casino games for that. Several online casino sites give women an opportunity to hone their game and get comfortable at the tables and around the video poker and slots machines. The playing field is starting to even dramatically, so this is an exciting time to be a woman who loves to gamble.

Men play more than women. This point is as true today as it has been for ages. Though, in ten years from now, if you were to question which gender gambles more, the answer may not be the same. The reason is that with the growing following of online gambling, women have taken a much more progressive role in the gambling industry, dramatically increasing their participation in the activity. As a result, the participation gap between the genders has significantly narrowed.

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