Non-Surgical Method For Hair Growth

The Non-Surgical Method For Hair Growth Taking The World by Storm – Here’s What You Need to Know About PRP

There are plenty of really cool bald guys to look up to when you’re losing your hair that mean it’s not quite the same as it was way back when. Look at LL Cool J, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Jason Statham for example.

But, for women, while the stigma is not quite as bad as it was with some celebrity women rocking their bald hair with confidence, it’s nice to have the choice to grow it or not.

If you are not quite ready to say goodbye properly to your hair, or are a woman having trouble dealing with effects caused by serious thinning, there are many hair loss treatments available.

These include surgery, steroids, liquids and pills. While they are all very popular, they are also incredibly costly and not exactly perfect.

The squeamish may want to look away now, but there could be a successful treatment that’s readily available and all-natural. The snag for many is that it uses your own blood. Introducing the PRP hair loss regrowth treatment

Stick with us as we explain.

How Does Blood Help Hair Regrowth?

It all comes down to special injections known officially as PRP therapy. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and although this is not exactly something new, it has only recently been discovered to be useful for the regrowth of hair.

Basically, some blood is drawn from your arm, then passed through a centrifuge where it is spun until the white and red blood cells are separated from the plasma.

Once some important nutrients are added, such as protein, the growth factors and platelets are collected and then injected into your scalp at the areas where there is thinning.

As it is a non-surgical procedure, it only requires a local anesthetic. Achilles muscles, joints and tendons have been treated for quite some time in sports medicine using PRP, as it stimulates stem cells. When used for regrowth, the platelets stimulate newly implanted and inactive hair follicles to begin growing.

Who is PRP Suitable for?

PRP therapy is used to target the common hereditary hair condition known as androgenetic alopecia that both women and men can suffer from. The best suited to the treatment, according to experts and researchers, are the people who have recently started to lose their hair.

What is the Recovery Time and Cost?

A complete PRP therapy session takes around 90 minutes and can cost as much as $400. you are recommended to have just one treatment every month for at least four months, then two other treatments for maintenance every year.

Although $400 may seem like a lot, when you compare it hair transplant surgery, which varies greatly depending on how much hair you need to have transplanted, with an average cost of between $4,000 and $15,000, it really is a bargain.

It is also receiving a lot of praise thanks to the fact it has limited risk.

How Well Does It Actually Work?

The actual effectiveness of the treatment and the durability of the results are very promising, according to clinical studies that have been conducted.

However, there is still no standard procedure and as different providers use different strategies and injection formulas, it’s hard to tell right now.

One survey that was conducted involved 11 patients and it was found to reduce hair loss by a significant amount between the application of the first and fourth injections.

There was also a huge increase in the number of hair follicles there was on average for every sq. cm of scalp.

This therapy has gained a positive reputation as an effective tool among orthopedic doctors, sports medicine doctors and cosmetic surgeons.

Is it Right for You?

If you are completely bald, you may find that it won’t work, but if you have hair that has just started to disappear or thinning hair, it may work better for you.

It is recommended that you assess the options open to you through your primary care provider.

Your medical practitioner will be able to provide you with guidance and will help you understand the benefits and risks of each hair regrowth treatments.


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