Effective Maintenance Tips For Naturally Straight Hair

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For many people, the ultimate hair type is naturally straight. This is partly due to the standard association of beauty being linked with straight hair. That’s the reason so many celebrities have embraced their naturally straight hair.

The other reason it is so appealing is that naturally straight hair is generally fine and easy to put into almost any style. That allows you to create any image you want.

It is worth noting that many people without naturally straight hair can appear to have this hair type. All you need is a good-quality pair of  GHD straighteners and a little time.

Of course, having fine hair means you need to take a lot of care of it. That’s why you need the following maintenance tips for naturally straight hair.

  1. Regular Shampooing

Because naturally straight hair tends to be fine it is important to wash it regularly. You don’t want to overdo it and remove oils from your hair so it’s best to wash it every other day. It’s important to use a natural product as chemical-based shampoos will damage your hair.

This prevents pollutants build up in your hair and making it heavy, increasing the risk of breakage. Ideally, you should wash your scalp lightly and briefly while focusing on the hair strands.

If you feel your hair needs a little more then you can use a dry shampoo between shampoos, it will reduce the build-up of dirt and sweat in your hair and on your scalp. It can also increase the volume of your hair but should never be used instead of shampoo.

  • Add Volume

The great thing about naturally straight hair is you can boost the volume without changing the straightness of your hair. It’s possible to boost volume by using a volumizing shampoo but you’ll need to be careful that this doesn’t increase the weight of your hair.

You may find it better to use a textured spray which will add volume without adding weight.

  • Reduce the Heat

If you use a hair dryer every day then you may be stripping the oils and moisture from your hair. That’s going to make it brittle and dry. To help prevent this try letting your hair air dry at least twice a week.

Alongside this, opt for a hair dryer with adjustable heat settings and keep it as low as possible. You may be surprised at how effective the cool setting can be at drying and volumizing your hair. Try it!

  • Minimize Conditioner

Using conditioner is important as it boosts the moisture and nutrients in your hair. But, the wrong conditioner will stick to your hair and make it heavy, increasing the likelihood of breakage.

Choose a conditioner designed for fine hair and start at the ends of your hair, working toward the root. This will help to prevent the conditioner from causing damage. It should also give your hair a healthy shine, allowing you to feel confident as you start a busy day.

  • Choose Your Brush carefully

You’ll find hundreds of different types of brushes on the market. Each one performs a specific function. However, when choosing a hair brush you should be away that naturally straight hair is usually fine. That means you’ll want a soft brush, ideally one made with boar bristles. This will be gentle on your hair and yet still effective.

  • Regular Appointments

It’s also important to visit your stylist regularly. They do more than just cut or trim your hair. A good stylist will check the condition of your hair and help to ensure it is always at its best.

  • Try A Textured Spray

If you have straight hair you may feel the need to boost the volume, especially if it’s fine. However, volumizing products tend to be heavy, creating excess strain on your hair. This increases the risk of waves and hair damage.

Instead, spray your hair with a textured spray before drying. It will add volume without changing the style of your hair.

Final Thoughts The above techniques will help you take care of your straight hair and always look your best. But, remember that everyone is different. It’s okay to experiment a little and find the right solution for you. However, it is advisable to stick to natural products

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