M-hairline: What is it and how to handle it?

Do you notice a receding hairline? M-hairline is one of the most common hair loss conditions affecting both men and women. However, more males are affected than females. Luckily, it’s among the most attractive hairlines out there – so there’s nothing to freak out about.

Here’s all you need to know about M-hairline.

What is M-hairline?

When your hair starts receding, they take certain shapes depending on how you’re losing hair. One of these forms is an M-shaped hairline. If the receding increases, it causes a widow’s peak.

Most men would experience early signs of M-shaped hairline in their late teens, typically when they are 17 or 18 years. But it is more common in men who are more than 25 years old. Some underage kids might also notice receding hairline because of high testosterone or early puberty.

With time, this kind of hairline moves backward about one or half an inch back from the original place. You may notice the forehead expand. In women, the M-hairline usually occurs around the temples after hormonal changes from pregnancy.

Is an M-shaped hairline normal?

Yes, it’s completely normal and very common in men. Various celebrities are flaunting M-shaped hairlines and still have successful careers – namely; Elon Musk, George Eads, Sting, Lance Armstrong, Prince William, Nicolas Cage, and David Gray. in short, this is not a condition you need to worry about.

What causes a maturing hairline?

One of the main causes for maturing hairline is androgenetic alopecia. This condition leads to male pattern balding. This may be a genetic hair loss related to age. You’ll often notice that the hairline recedes into a well-defined line, usually in M-shape.

In men, this form of hair loss is often associated with high DHT – a sex hormone that inhibits hair growth. This hormone is also responsible for puberty-related changes, such as voice change, reproductive maturity, etc. If you have an M-shaped hairline in the early years, chances are that you hit puberty at a young age.

Another reason for M-hairline is wearing your hair tightly to the back. This can ruin the shape of your hairline permanently.

Mature hairline vs receding

Although a mature hairline is quite similar to receding, there’s a certain difference as well. Both conditions can result in an M-shape hairline but their causes are unique. Once you know the reason behind the abnormal hairline, you can figure out an appropriate solution.

Maturing hairline is generally less than a few inches away from the main growth point. In fact, it is lower than the width of your finger. But if you notice hair loss higher than one inch and feel that the hairline is going back significantly, this is a sign of receding hairline.

Mature hairline vs male pattern baldness

Don’t get scared after seeing your maturing hairline. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll go bald or is a symptom of male pattern baldness. The maturing hairline happens at any age, even when you are as young as 15 years. Typically, this is because of some internal hormonal changes. However, baldness is associated with the aging factor and is usually observed in men older than 40 years.  The only difference is to observe the distance of the receded hairline from the growth target. If you notice hair going into the scalp, this is a sign of baldness.

Is the mature hairline permanent?

The most important thing is to identify the cause of the M-shape. Only then you can find the best possible solution and prevent the hairline from messing up anymore. If the M-shaped hairline is caused by tight hairstyles, you can stop wearing your hair to the back, and bring them out in bangs. This can help retain the original shape of the hairline. However, if the reason for your maturing hairline is age, this may be a permanent change. A mature hairline generally occurs during your 20s and is basically a rearrangement of your hair follicles into a permanent shape.

How do I get rid of an M-shaped hairline?

If you want to get rid of M-shaped hairline, here’s what you can do:

  • Lavender/Cedarwood/Rosemary oil: All these are among the best essential oils that trigger the hair regrowth process. If you are losing your hairline because of hair loss, apply a few drops along with a carrier oil such as sunflower oil, and leave it on for a few hours. Wash it off and repeat the process several times.
  • Finasteride: It is an effective medication that helps regrow your lost hair by inhibiting DHT production. This hormone often causes male pattern balding and can result in M-hairline. It is taken in tablet form and improves scalp anatomy.
  • Minoxidil: Minoxidil is taken along with finasteride for proper hair growth. It is applied topically in cream form. Minoxidil works by improving blood circulation and dilating blood vessels around the scalp. This, in turn, promotes better hair growth.
  • Supplements: Doctors also recommend taking vitamin B12, D, and iron supplements to counter the hair loss process. This will help overcome nutritional deficiencies causing hair fall.

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