Hi, I’m Holly Lomas and I write most of the content and do all the heavy lifting (call me The Webmaster if you like) for this site Natural Living for Women.

Being environmentally friendly and conserving resources always made sense to me and that became my focus but early on I began to question the use of so many chemicals present in our daily lives. It was easy enough to eliminate some of the more obvious problems like pesticide use in and around the home and to choose safer cleaning products but I wasn’t paying attention to the ingredients in many of my personal products. I didn’t think I had to.

I assumed that products like this contained safe ingredients. As I started reading labels I was surprised by how many synthetic chemicals were present in even natural products and as I learned very few of them are tested for safety. I couldn’t help but wonder about the affects on everyone’s health.

As I began researching information for a website on living more naturally I realized that this was only part of the picture. At the time there was very little being written about ingredient safety. The Skin Deep Database was barely up and running. Animal testing of products was of concern but the interest was not as high as it is today and there was not a great deal of interest in how or where products of all kinds were acquired or manufactured.

For me it was a question of learning how to shop more carefully and for that I needed more information but I had to go one way if I wanted info on choosing natural products, another on being animal friendly, still another on being environmentally friendly while finding info on being socially responsible took me in a different direction.

It was all about living a healthy, natural lifestyle while being a concerned and caring consumer. If I paid attention to my shopping choices it was better for me and the environment. One just naturally led to the other. I could find no one word that would define it but to me it seemed like natural living. It was natural as in choosing natural products but also natural as in it just feels like the right thing to do.

Since I couldn’t find the information I wanted easily I created Natural Living for Women to bridge the gaps between these topics and help women primarily, after all we are for the most part the shoppers, make informed decisions about products they buy and use everyday. No matter where their interests might lie whether they wanted to find safer, organic, vegan, eco friendly or even recycled products.

My goal is to provide you with a reliable resource for information to make natural living easy to do. I want you to feel like you know how to choose safe products of all kinds, understand product labels, know the difference between natural and organic, understand the benefits to choosing eco friendly items and so much more. You will also find plenty of links to sites for even more information and to sites where you can shop.

I cover a wide variety of topics for natural and green living from skincare, eco-friendly or vegan fashions, products for the home, reviews, recommendations, and more but they all relate to being animal, people, and earth-friendly. I believe this is the healthiest and best choice for all of us. I am here to share my experiences and what I have learned and continue to learn in the hopes that it will help you decide what works for you.

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