How Wintertime SAD Can Impact Your Finances All Year Long

Winter blues take on a whole new meaning when SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) casts a long shadow over your mood and your budget. Those three little letters can pack a punch long after the worst of winter is over, lasting well into spring and summer.

Here’s how:

1. The Retail Therapy Trap

Depression and negative emotions can cause you to seek thrills with online shopping. Coined as retail therapy or comfort buying, this bad spending habit steals your hard-earned cash.

Whether you splurge on a new gadget or a meal box subscription — these expenses can pile up. If you don’t have the budget for them, you can use up cash earmarked for other, more important monthly expenses like bills or savings. Even worse, you can sink into debt to keep your shopping habit afloat.

2. Financial Apathy

Apathy has multiple forms. You might not have the motivation to take an active role in your finances, so you don’t pursue better-paying job opportunities or invest at the right time.

It can also cause you to give up on your financial situation, failing to care that you’re adding to your credit card debt or paying bills late. It’s hard to care about the consequences of your financial actions when you are depressed.

3. Unprepared for Financial Storms

Between spending more money, maxing out credit cards, and taking a passive role in your finances, you may not be prepared to handle anything outside your usual budget. Things like unexpected car trouble, health expenses, and vet visits can be totally out of your reach.

Unfortunately, you can’t hit pause on these expenses just because you can’t afford them. The unexpected keeps coming, regardless of how prepared you are.

Luckily, in emergencies, you might be able to rely on an online loan, but only if you make sure it’s legit before you borrow. Legitimate online loan companies provide transparent and convenient borrowing options, so you know if you can handle these payments should you be approved.

Speak to a Professional if SAD is Impacting Your Finances

You can dig yourself into a hole quite quickly; getting out of it may not be so easy. By the time the weather warms up, and the sun brightens the sky, you can still be dealing with the financial problems caused by SAD. 

At this point, seeking professional help is critical. Healthcare professionals can connect you with a counselor or psychologist specializing in seasonal depression. They can get to the root of your issues to prevent SAD from taking the financial reins again next winter. They can also provide coping mechanisms to reduce your chances of overspending, gaining debt, and falling into apathy.

You may also want to speak with a financial counselor. You might even qualify for free debt programs that help you handle the financial side of SAD.

Fight Back Against SAD

In the meantime, invest in all the health tools you can to boost your mood naturally. Focus on eating a balanced diet rich in Vitamin D. That might require eating more fish, nuts, and fortified dairy and cereals. You can also consider supplements with the help of your doctor.

Sleep is another mood-boosting habit. Getting enough sleep each night gives you the mental energy to regulate your emotions and focus on tough subjects, like your finances.

Bottom line? Don’t let SAD run away with your finances. While it can make you want to be a hermit, fight against these desires — reach out for help now.

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