Are you looking for the best platform where you can write and express your feminism? Well, if Yes, then you will have to check out our page natural living for women. It’s not about feminism, but it’s about strong women who don’t need anyone to be established to make them proud.

Starting from genuine problems to women empowerment, everything is under one roof and if you are looking for a place to pour your knowledge and passion. Then this is the right place, and you are more than welcome, Write for us and get paid. Of course, you will have to follow a few things, and you may consider them as submitting rules. We will guide you through everything! Let’s check out how to be a successful writer and how to be a part of our NLW stories.

Who Are We?

We are a site that is precisely based on women and their natural living. Here, we discuss anything and everything about women. You know that women suffer from many things, such as skin issues, family issues, and many more. When it comes to women, there is the struggle in every step, and sometimes, it gets difficult to cope with everything going around, and that is the biggest reason we need to talk and discuss things that are not so mainstream.

We are basically open for writers who gave amazing writing skills, and they can express through writings, and if you think that you are suitable for this, then write for us and get paid.

How To Start The Journey?

If you want to SEO write for us, then you will have to start from the basics. You will have to send us a piece of your writing by following the proper instructions that we will be given below.

  • First of all, you are required to send us the Write list of yours.
  • After going through the write list of yours, our team will send you a confirmation email. You will receive the email only if you get selected. You may have to wait for the mail because the whole process takes time. Do not lose hope!
  • If you get the confirmation mail, then congratulations! You are on the board. Now, you will have to submit your first blog writing for NLW.
  • The research part will be all yours, and you need to choose a great and unique topic. If it serves our requirements, then we will revise as well as confirm your article.
  • To start Business write for us, you will have to wait till the confirmation and then once it is done. You can proceed.
  • We will require the best and unique topics, and here, you will have to culminate your skills as well as thoughts together. The more exclusive it would be your collection, you will achieve the chance of being selected on our team for a long time.

Now, you need to know the blog post guidelines.

Blog Post Guidelines:

Write for us a blog is not difficult, but we have certain guidelines that you will have to follow without fail. If your writing piece does not have everything we need, then we will not accept it. We would like to discuss our guidelines below.

  • First of all, the blog should have a great yet catchy introduction, and the topic should be unique. If you have copied it or rewritten it, then the writing will be rejected. The introduction should not be too long, and you need to keep it as compact as you can. Remember, this is the most important part of a blog, and from here only, people are going to decide whether they would continue reading or not.
  • Next, your writing piece must contain at least three subheadings, aka H2 and one main title, aka H1.
  • Along with writing the facts, you will have to make it engaging as well. A professional tone with some catchy headings is something readers will love. Your vision should be so strong that you can literally read people’s minds.
  • In case you are sharing your own experience, then make sure readers understand this. They will love it and be able to connect with you. It is necessary!
  • Of course, you know that the piece of writing has to be sent in the word-formation, right?

Hopefully, we have made the Blog post guidelines clear, and you do not have any doubts regarding this anymore.

Key Points Of NLW, You Should Know:

Before you are all set to Marketing, write for us, or sending your very first copy, you should know everything about our site. In order to maintain the ethics of our website, we have some of the key points to mention. You can, of course, Write today, but before that, give it a read below.

  • When you send your writing, our team will review the article, and if only, we find it suitable and not offtopic. Your writing will be selected, and it will be published on our website.
  • Not always, you are sending us the article that will be published. It will depend on the authority.
  • The piece of writing should be unique, and if we find any kind of plagiarism, then we will immediately reject the article.

Where Can I Submit My Writing?

Home write for us is very simple, and you can submit the article via email address. The email address  can be found on our page, and once the analysis process is done, we will get back to you!


Hence, you have now get your facts clear on submitting blogs for NLW. You can now start writing.