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Curly hair problems and their solutions.

Curly hair problems and their solutions.

Curly hair problems are as real as it gets. Detangling the hair, maintaining the curls, and struggling to keep off the dullness and frizz. Women with curly hair often spend more time managing their hair and spend more money on hair care products and hair care routines.

The brush, the shampoo, the conditioner, the application of oil, everything is different for a curly-haired-girl. The perfect kind of curls come with time, effort, and the right hack!

So dear curly-haired-girls, you need not worry since we are here to help you explore some ways on how to comb or brush your curly hair and what kind of comb or brush for curly hair should be used without actually losing or ruining your curls.

Here are some hacks for you to manage your curls, brush out curls without ruining them, and how to avoid dry and frizzy hair.

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Use your fingers to detangle

So how to keep curly hair untangled? It’s simple – you use your fingers to detangle.

Using a brush or a comb in tangled hair can mess with your curls and end up ruining them. It can also cause hair loss and increase bald patches due to the friction. It’s best to use your fingers to detangle your curls instead of using a brush or a comb.

It helps in preserving the wavy curls and helps curb the hair-fall. Detangling your tangled hair will also give you a natural look with nice wavy curls.

Curly hair problems and their solutions.
Curly hair problems and their solutions.

Apply water on your curly hair

If you are struggling with dry curls often find it challenging to detangle their curls and maintain a smooth, silky texture. The process can be painful and tricky with a brush or a comb and can result in hair loss, breakage, and messy curls.

However, here is a quick trick for you!

if you apply a little water on your curls and detangle them with your fingers, it won’t be as painful and time-consuming, and it will also keep your hair tamed for some time. Using brush/comb on damp/wet hair can also lead to Curly hair problems.

Brush from the ends towards the roots

  • Go against the force of gravity, girl!
  • Well, only while using a brush/comb for your curls.
  • This is a hack on ‘how to comb or brush out curls without ruining them.’

Every time you brush your hair from roots, you end up pushing all the knots towards the end resulting in split-ends, hair loss, and hair breakage.

Instead of combing from the roots to the ends, comb upwards gently and gradually. Combing from down towards the roots helps untangle the knots and also keeps the frizziness away.

This applies to women who have long curly hair and struggle with detangling the knots just with fingers. This hack can also help with preserving the shape of your curls.

Curly hair problems and their solutions.
Curly hair problems and their solutions.

Use a suitable hair conditioner before using a brush

Applying a conditioner can always help you maintain the smooth texture of your hair before running a brush through them. A sulfate-free deep conditioner will help you hydrate the hair and also help keep the hair smooth and silky.

It also helps in getting rid of the excess oil produced by the hair and nourishes them. Using a deep conditioner actually separates the hair strands gently and it makes it easier to further detangle and comb.

However, wait until your hair is damp. Do not use a comb or a brush while your curls are still wet from the conditioner rinse as the hair would be extra fragile from the wash and it can end up in more tangles.

Avoid rinsing off all the conditioner

Apply little of your conditioner to your hair, follow the instructions as directed on how and when to use the conditioner, and leave a little bit of conditioner residue behind. Washing off the conditioner completely is not necessary.

It is healthier to leave some of it. Your curls will absorb the conditioner residue and it will moisturize and nourish them. It will also help in brushing without losing curls and it will help avoid the frizz for a couple of days.

How to keep curly hair untangled

Using a comb on dry curly hair can end up curling a dry mess and a disaster. It will possibly end up in frizz and lead to hair breakage due to the friction. Use a wide-tooth comb on your damp or partially wet curls to avoid massive hair loss and untangle the knots without causing any damage to the curls.

Apply some oil

Hair oil helps with the nourishment of the roots and helps with the saturation too. It separates the hair strands individually and makes it easier to detangle them.

You can apply some oil, coconut oil if you will, before washing your hair with shampoo/conditioner. Massage it well for 5-10 minutes through the roots, leave it overnight or for an hour and tie your hair in a bun, and detangle before washing it off.

Curly hair problems and their solutions.
Curly hair problems and their solutions.

A brush to make hair curly

There are different kinds of brushes and combs available in the market for curly hair. The best one that makes the curls look natural and healthy Denman brush works really well for 2b hair

It helps you shape the curls facing inward or outward, and avoids the frizz. It helps to keep the hair tight and intact in one direction.

Pineapple your curls!

It’s a hack to avoid frizz in the morning and it also helps your hair stay intact and the curls fall off beautifully.

All you need to do is, pile your curls loosely on top of your head in a bun to define the texture, the layers, and the waves. It will result in smoother, silkier, and wavy slobs.

So these were some hacks and tricks for curly-haired-girls to help them be their natural best curly-haired self with confidence. Moreover, never forget, your nick wavy curls are already a trendsetter.

As a matter of factor, filling your bag with the best tricks and hacks that suit you well is the smart way to deal. So be trendy and keep your hack list updated.

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