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The one-fifth of the world’s adult generation is affected by deformed toe or say bunion. The reason behind getting affected by a bunion can either be hereditary issues or even can be due to injury. But whatever it may be, if needed care and treatment is not given, the problem will become worse gradually.

Here are the top five-toe sandals, which are just perfect for this health condition. These are chosen based on the fact that they are super comfortable and are made of suitable quality materials. They will help you to prevent the symptom and regulate the pain.

At a glance our top picks of Toe Separator sandals:

ProductsGood for YogaGood for Use in WaterDoctor RecommendedPrice
Wellrox Women’s Evo-Grasp Casual SandalYesYesYes
Sazzi Women’s Performance Outdoor Sport Sandal and Yoga SandalYesYesNo
ToeSox Women’s Serena Five Toe Sandal for Yoga, Surf and Beach, Casual, Comfort, Recovery Flip FlopYesYesNo
Pedi Couture Super Light Brand Pedicure Sandals for Women with Toe Separator YesYesNo
Super Light Pretty Pedi Brand Pedicure Sandals for Women with Toe SeparatorYesYesNo

5 Best Toe Separator Sandals that you can buy in 2019

Wellrox Women’s Evo-Grasp Casual Sandal

These athletic toe separator sandals are just perfect for anyone who is going through the pain. Wellrox is such a company which makes functional, shock absorbing yet excellent looking footwear. You can use them for a variety of purposes. The shoes are available in a variety of designs, and it is perfect to use for everyday wear.

This toe separator sandal is effortless to fit, and it allows you to adjust the straps over the toes, instep and at the back of the heel. The GRABS technology used to make this sandal helps you to get a relaxed and relieved foot. You can achieve an instant relief beyond belief.

This sandal is appropriate for treating the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis, bone dysfunctions and achy feet. It also strengthens your feet and toes. Your footbeds get corrected when your toes are separated by this sandal.

The grip, alignment and the GRABS technology used while making this shoe, makes it a winner. The yoga toes sandals give you enough support to spread your toes. Your body weight gets redistributed easily. The technology used for making this sandal is known in wellness and yoga groups.

The material used to make this shoe is Leather, and the rubber sole ensures excellent shock absorption and is comfortable to use for long hours and for long walks.



  • Full Arch support
  • Helps the back, fingers and feet to get relaxed quickly
  • You can use the sandals every day
  • Can be used for an instant pedicure


  • There is no half size option for this sandal
  • The separators need to be worn in
  • May get challenging to fit for narrow feet people.


This pair of toe separator sandal is good to use everywhere you can go. The mechanism is super comfortable to ease any pain that you are having. This is a doctor recommended pair; this is also the editor’s choice.

Sazzi Women’s Performance Outdoor Sport Sandal and Yoga Sandal

If you are looking for a pair of flip flops with toe separators which can be worn during your yoga classes, water sports and more, this sandal can be a better choice. Made with high-quality material, this sandal is perfect for everyday use. You can even slip into this pair when in the beachside.

You don’t need to clench your toes with this toe separator sandal. This includes 4-toe posts which help you to get connected to the footbed naturally. The closed cell construction of this pair of sandals, make this one a clear choice and keep it away from bacteria and moisture.

If you have foot pain, don’t worry at all, this sandal is made with ergonomic footbed and a supportive arch to cure plantar fasciitis. This pair not only help your feet to look good but make your feet feel pleasant and comfortable.



  • Sandals made with high-quality materials
  • Great for use in water and is comfortable for everyday use
  • You can wear this pair to your yoga classes


  • The slippers run small thus you must order your size appropriately
  • The sole of this sandal is thinner than other pairs
  • The sole is basically foot-shaped


This pair is made with high-quality material and is comfortable for daily use. You can use this pair regularly and can even wear this to your yoga classes and other activities.


ToeSox Women’s Serena Five Toe Sandal for Yoga, Surf and Beach, Casual, Comfort, Recovery Flip Flop

Have you ever met a pair of sandals that comes with a yoga mat installed? No? Then the wait is over for you. This pair of yoga toes sandals gently spread your toes and increase the foot health by aligning the bones. It provides you with comfort and stability altogether.

The soft leather yoga mat of this sandal, the squishy footbed, and the neoprene posts provide ultimate comfort to your feet. This sandal is super hygienic and protects your feet from dirt and germs. The rubber sole of this sandal is very durable for a longer run.



  • Cushioned sole to provide extra comfort to your feet
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Sturdy construction for the long run


  • Only one style available


The cushioned sole of this pair of sandal provides extra support to your feet. There are a variety of colors available for this sandal, and you can even choose for the long run.


Pedi Couture Super Light Brand Pedicure Sandals for Women with Toe Separator 

If you want to own such a pair which you can carry to the beaches, to the spa and can even use regularly, this can be the one. The unique design of this pair of pedicure sandals prevents unwanted smudges. You don’t need to wait for longer for this sandal to get dry. This pair has all the criteria to give you “Oh So comfortable” feeling and leave your feet to feel like a super awesome pedicure.

The patented padded toe separators of this pair, help your toes to get separated naturally. You can use this sandal regularly to get relief from your bunion pain, calluses, swelling and other feet aches.

The toe separator sandals distribute your body weight evenly and make you more comfortable, stable and flexible. This PVC pair is entirely safe to get carried wherever you go next. You can easily pack them in your suitcase to take.



  • Multiple sizes available for this pair
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Durable and fun
  • Keeps your toes separated


  • Runs Small choose your size cautiously and choose one size up.
  • Bottoms are a bit slippery in plain floor


If you want a perfect fit toe separator sandal that this one can be yours. Variety of sizes and color help you to get one for you.

Super Light Pretty Pedi Brand Pedicure Sandals for Women with Toe Separator

The comfortable yet durable mechanism of this pair of toe separator sandal comes up with a unique design. The belt of the sandal is made of fabric and is extreme sweat absorbent and keep your feet dried and hygienic for longer.

The heel measures up t0 0.5 inches. You can enjoy this sandal all day and can slip into it anytime wherever you go. The padded footbed support and the cushioned strap will provide you comfort beyond your expectation. The natural spreading of your toe helps your hard-working feet to get relieved from various feet dysfunctions and bunions.



  • The solid bottom of this sandal is appropriate for walking on any surface
  • Great for pedicures
  • Helps your toes stay apart


  • You need to push your toes to get fit into this sandal
  • The bottom comes in a little shiny finish


The sandal is appropriate for wearing and walking on any surface. You can wear them to your spa and manicure.

TAKEAWAY: You don’t need to spend hours and hours looking for the perfect pair of toe separator sandals that can help you to ease the foot pain. You can buy any of these sandals for a great result. Therapeutic toe separator sandals are a must-have for every foot. It keeps up the foot health and maintain proper alignment of your toes and give overall comfort and support to your feet.



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