The wonder stress buster

There’s no doubt that Americans are stressed. In fact, in 2011 it was reported that 44% of the population was suffering from high levels of stress. People’s main concerns were money, their job, the economy, and their health. In fact, stress isn’t just hurting adults, but children are also suffering from living in stressful households. In 2011 a third of children were cited having physical stress related symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and trouble falling asleep. Not much has changed in the country since then. In fact, with growing worries about climate change and political instability, people are more stressed than ever. People aren’t putting self-care first, and will power isn’t a priority. However, there are things that can help us in this stressful age. Therapy and meditation are on the rise. People don’t face stigma when they say they’re seeing a professional to deal with anxiety, stress, and burnout. Though these solutions are very helpful, there’s something that can take these experiences, such as therapy and meditation, to the next level and that is essential oils. Essential oils like lavender have been proved to be relieving for patients with anxiety or depression. Breathing them in while you sleep or meditate helps calm your mind and breathing so you can be the best possible for you. However, how do you spread the oil throughout the room? Well, you need a diffuser, and the nebulizer diffuser is the best one on the market. Description This is an essential oil diffuser made by HerbaTerra Organics. The diffuser uses nanotechnology which pressurizes the air in order to crush the essential oils into a powder that spreads throughout the air. This way it leaves no wet stains or residue like other diffusers. In fact, because of nanotechnology, the nebulizer diffuser uses less essential oils as compared to its competitors. This not only means each bottle will last longer, but it also means that the diffuser will save you money. The diffuser is also made out of aluminum with parts imported from Japan. Because it’s made from aluminum, one can simply wash it with rubbing alcohol, instead of soap and water which most diffusers require. Lastly, the diffuser comes with a remote control that you can use to adjust not only the intervals of the diffusion but also for how long the diffuser is on for. And you can do all of this without ever getting up! Features
  • 2mm durable aluminum shell
  • Air pump from Japan
  • Nanotechnology to diffuse the oil into particles
  • Remote control
  • Super easy maintenance
Benefits When you get the diffuser you’ll be able to rest easy and enjoy the calming sensations of the essential oils. The essential oils not only remove stress, but they’re also good for congestion, sleeping, and headaches. With the nebulizer, you’ll finally be able to take care of yourself and put yourself first. You’ll enhance your meditation practice and therapy sessions. Get the diffuser today and rest easy knowing that you have many stress free days ahead.

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