The Reasons Why We Should Go Green

Going green should be on everyone’s list as our earth is on the verge of going through a drastic change which does not bear well with us. Green symbolizes balance, nature, spring, and rebirth. The rebirth of our environment is very much in need as our way of life is killing not only us but our environment saving nothing for the generations to come. 

We are using the limited resources, we are not using natural resources which we have an abundance of, we are constantly draining the resources from our planet draining the life from the world pushing it on the verge of lifelessness. The only thing we can do to save our planet from going lifeless is plant trees. But many people do not understand what does going green mean. 


The concept of going green is appealing and not many understand or abide by it. The concept of going green is very easy. It is that we have to save the planet by any means. We have to produce utilizing using natural resources, we have to focus on producing less garbage. But in this article, we will talk about the notion of going green, how we should handle such situations, why we should go green and various facets of going green. 


Going green definition

Going green has one meaning only. That is to say, practicing more environmentally friendly approaches to have a more healthy environment for the living being. Going green means adapting to the ways of life which is sustainable and do not harm the environment in any way. 

Adapting to the ways of life which will lead you to healthy living is the very meaning of going green. Using those products which can be recycled, decomposed and degraded but won’t put the environment in harm’s way is the main thing that these ‘going green’ means. Restoring the environment and the natural resources which are at the brink of extinction is the main goal here. We have to save the resources in order to save it for future generations. 


Go green save green

To go green, one has to mentally prepare one’s self as it means resorting to those ways which will cost your comfort zone to a slight level. Like wasting no water because we all know how many places around the world are running out of drinking water. Stop using plastic even if it is convenient for us to use and get by the products of plastics. 

Plastic is the main reason for the deterioration of this earth. Using natural resources like solar power because producing electricity not only cost more but also is harmful to society.

Even though we cannot cut on some amenities like the transport system but we can use battery-run cars or plant trees as the carbon monoxide that is emitted from the car is heating our trees use beautiful green things which are environment-friendly. 

Only green can save us. We have to make green go green. It is up to us and only us to take the steps toward the wellness of our world. 

Go green facts

Here are some facts that would get you to understand what we are losing. 

  • People are wasting water like anything. When they shower or flush, a huge amount of drinkable water is dumped in the ocean. Japan has come up with ways to use the hand-washed water to flush. 
  • Industrial wastewater which is dumped in the ocean raises the ph level, which causes the problem to the water animals. In many places, water is getting purified before getting dumped. 
  • When you turn your thermostat to one degree, it can cause a huge difference to your bill. 
  • Use appliances that use an efficient amount of energy to save not only electric power but also some money. 
  • The energy that will be saved by recycling one glass bottle can power 100watt light. 

How to go green

Here are some steps which you can follow in order to go green. 

  • Recycle your stuff. Try to use those products which do not produce waste that is not recycled worthy. Use the scraps and peels to recycle. 
  • Go digital. Going digital means saving papers. Filling up forms, paying digitally, giving exams, making assignments, taking pictures using digital media are all means of going green. Going digital is the benefit of going green. 
  • When you are not using your computer, make sure that you switch it off. If you switch off your computer it means you are saving electricity. 
  • Stop using plastics. Plastic is another reason apart from global warming, which is a contributing factor to the pollution. Plastics cannot be recycled or reimbursed. Use bags made of clothes. 
  • Save water. Saving water should be the main motive here as we are running out of the potable water. We are using an unnecessary amount of water on an unnecessary thing. We have to cut back a bit on our luxurious way of life to save this planet. Use a bucket to take a bath rather than taking a shower. It saves water. 


Why go green is important’

There are many reasons to go green. The main reason for going green should be survival. If we don’t go by the rules to try to save our planet, it will only harm us greatly. At the rate, the air, water, the soil is getting polluted because of the industrialization and the growth of development at the cost of naturalism, soon we will not have a place to live in. 

Various summits are held to take steps toward making this planet habitable. Various people from different places are marching with placards written go green quotes to show their protest against those who are not taking the necessary steps. The main reason for going green is.

  • Purified air
  • Water level
  • Healthy environment. 

Go Green
‘Why go green is important’


What are three ways you can ‘go green’ in the bathroom?

Here are some of how you can ensure that you are doing everything to go green. The amount of water we waste in the bathroom while flushing is ridiculous.

  • Use buckets to take baths instead of showers. It saves water. 
  • When you are done using the bathroom, make sure you switch off the lights. 
  • Replace your toilets with low-flush toilets that use less water. 
  • Turn off the tap when not using it. 
  • Use green cleaning products. 


Advantages of going green

There are various benefits of going green. Many have turned this ‘going green into a business as it is booming. 

  • Saving of energy is the main advantage one can gain out of going green. It will be useful for the next generation. 
  • Trees are at the core of having a healthy atmosphere and going digital means saving trees, hence a healthy atmosphere. 
  • When you save energy, you save money. 
  • When you recycle, it means you are saving money as well as saving the planet from getting polluted. 
  • It increases productivity when you live healthily, breath healthily, and eat healthily. 



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