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tabletop fountain from bamboo

The soft sounds of water from a relaxation fountain may be just what you need if your feeling stressed. A small fountain on your desk or table somewhere where you can enjoy it and hear the water falling can be very relaxing. There’s just something about it that is very enjoyable and calming.

All kinds of small tabletop fountains are being made today. Sculptural metal, carved stone, simple or elaborate there are designs for everyone. Self-standing or wall mounted fountains make a beautiful, functional piece of art. And if you are even a little bit handy, you can easily make one yourself. But it’s not just the sound of the water that can be beneficial. Moving water produces negative ions. You can add a Red sea Aquarium in your living space as it offers health benefits. Having a pet reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.

Negative Ions And Our Health

Negative ions are found readily in our natural environment from beaches and streams or even fresh country air. The air around these environments contain higher levels of negative ions. They make us feel good. A good example is the exhilaration or light feeling we get when we are at the beach near the pounding waves.

There has been quite a bit of research and interest in the negative and positive ions found in the air around us and their effect on our health. Research seems to be indicating that increasing the levels of negative ions in our air is good for us.

Since moving water produces negative ions a relaxation fountain may be part of the answer while being a beautiful addition to our surroundings at the same time. For more information about the effects of ions check out this interesting article from Web MD.

Added benefits

Negative ions attract dust and pollen particles floating in the air and while a small relaxation fountain sitting on your desk or table probably won’t create enough negative ions all by itself, it can help keep the air in our immediate area a little cleaner. Plus the gentle flow and the soft soothing sounds of the water of a relaxation fountain can be used as part of your meditation routine.

Gazing at the water, breathing and letting go of tension relaxes us as we focus our thoughts on the water. We may find our stress melting away.

Coolest Relaxation Fountains

My favorite relaxation fountains are little works of art, bringing a piece of nature to your home or office.

  • Fountains created by Charles Kern are like bringing the outdoors in. He specializes in creating small scenes from nature in miniature. Check out his website Natural Creations.
  • Overbrook Fountains creates fountains from natural materials like slate, stones, minerals, bamboo or drift wood. As each are handcrafted every fountain is an original. They can be found at Water Fountain Business Portal. Here you will find links to a variety of businesses that create water fountains or provide materials to make your own.
  • For a very large selection of fountains from many different sources look to Kinetic Fountains.Very thorough website with quite a bit of good information about owning and maintaining fountains. Fountains are available for all different budgets. Plus they have a great selection of solar fountains for your backyard retreat.
  • Exalted Fountains had an interesting selection of relaxation fountains made from interesting aggregates like Quartz or Amethyst. For lovers of these stones it’s a cool look.

relaxation fountain


Make your own relaxation fountain

With just a few supplies, a little work and some creativity you can have some fun, maybe recycle a few things and create your own fountain. I have found being creative can be very relaxing.

This article on building your own fountain shows the steps and materials that could be used to create your own. It gives some good ideas on using some of the materials you may already have on hand to create a unique one of a kind fountain.

A few years ago I created one for myself from clay pots, it was a fun project. I didn’t care for the effect the first time so I took it apart and started over. It’s easy to rebuild or change the looks with some simple changes.

Many of the supplies for a fountain can be purchased locally from garden supplies, aquarium shops or hardware stores so you don’t have to get everything online.

Slate is a beautiful material to use when creating fountains and Fountains of Slate carries all the supplies you will need to make your own, pre-drilled and ready to assemble any way you want. Plus complete instructions for your success. Either way you go a relaxation fountain can help to provide a beautiful and fun form of natural stress relief.


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