Dieting On Sundays? Eh.

Dieting On Sundays

Dieting Is In A Relationship With A Foodie :

I heard that you are on a diet? Also, doing regular workouts, going gym for proper training on weight loss? Okay, now imagine skipping one extra cheese pizza on Sunday in a family outing just because you are having a diet plan! Like seriously? Are you going to skip it? 

Most of foodie people, can’t resist themselves when it comes to their favorite food on the plate. Being a foodie to restricting yourself from your favorite foods to maintain your fitness is not a matter of joke. 

You are on a diet plan because you have a purpose for fitness. Still, there are people who love food more than anything in this world, making their diet plans with a  menu of their favorite food items. 

These days, we often find people saying, I am on a diet, I do not consume carbohydrates and more fatty foods and what not? Are they following everything they are saying? Or faking those repartees in a girls’ party?

Also, people complain, that I am dieting and it is not helping me to lose weight! So, don’t have diet plans, I know you love cheesy momos than the mixed fruit platter. 

Let’s go through some funny activities of people with their dieting and exercise :

1. Diet for Gym mania: If you are going gym on regular basis, eating all the things you love and also you are expecting a flat stomach like the heroin of a movie, then you are living the worst nightmare ever.

It is a good sign that you are going to gym regularly, but not following the instructions of your trainer is the worst thing you will be ever paid for. 

2. Dieting pretender at the gym: You are going gym for your personal benefits right? You trainer has given you a serious diet menu according to your weight loss plan for a certain number of weeks. You are not following it, that is why you are not getting results. Simple as that!

Just because your trainer had not seen you while eating junk foods outside, it does not mean, the junk foods have no calories! Sounds precise? 

3. Gossiping triangle: Obesity? Joined gym. Found solutions on weight loss? No.

Many women, join the gym just for the sake of regular outings to a place and meeting their friends. The triangle talks in the gym will not help you in weight loss. Remember, you have joined the gym to become fit enough, not fat enough! 

Now, we hope you have got the reason of not losing weight

4. Dieting on Sunday: Some fitness enthusiasts go the gym every day and follow strict diet plans, but when they find one Sunday, they fulfill all the burned calories from Monday to Saturday in just one day.

Sunday on dieting is not for eating your all favorite foods.

In the end, we all have the same feelings, skipping diet just for a day will not increase weight, and we get cheated on the very next week, with more weight.

Dieting On Sundays

5. Time to know your want and your need: There is a huge difference between what you want and what you need. Your needs should be more prioritized than your wants. If you want a diet plan, also you need more chocolates, then the future of your dieting will be collapsed!

So, don’t confuse yourself with the ‘want’ and ‘need’ !!

6. Morning mood Exercise, Evening mood junk foods: Getting up early with lots of motivation on weight loss and exercise for an hour, and the evening mood is all the cheesy junk foods outside.

The choice is yours, junk foods in the evening with morning exercise or no junk foods in the evening with morning exercise!

7. Opening the Fridge, when you are hungry: You are dieting, also you are opening the fridge more than 30 times, to see what to eat, and what not to eat while on diet. No deny, you are hungry, but eating the “not to eat” items in the fridge, may harm your diet plan.

So, before keeping up something from the fridge think twice or thrice! Also, if you can’t ignore the items to eat, then go ahead!

Now, we sure hope after going through the above facts you have learned why you don’t lose weight on dieting.

There are some people who pay the membership fees of the gym for the year, but attend the gym for hardly 15 days, in the year.  Why waste money? Learn to control your bad eating habits first, then you join the gym, and yes be regular this time. 

Being on a diet plan, you can have a little of your favorite foods but not all together. We all know, that Sunday has its own magic for family time, favorite foods, a good movie and many things. Praying for weight loss miracles eating everything on Sunday? You will not get blessed with your prayer. 

good diet plan helps you to eliminate your bad eating habits. Most people are taking dieting as fun and few are following it rigidly and getting results. Don’t be a fitness enthusiast, just to have bios for social media, become one!


Let’s do dieting together and reduce the obesity rate in our own country.  It is okay to have a burger or an extra cheese pizza on weekends but exercise and burn the calories the very next day. 

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