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I tried Robert Craig hair color to color gray regrowth. Even though I have fine thin hair, it did not cover my gray which is about 70%.


I was glad to get this review of a product I had not heard of before. I wish the reviewer would have given us more information though. Oh well, this is a great opportunity to check in to another hair color product.

Robert Craig offers hair color products that do not contain peroxide, ammonia, alcohol or fragrance. They use less ingredients than most hair colorings and do not test on animals. It is available for home use at a reasonable price and can be found at some salons.

This product comes in a powder form and is mixed with warm water. The mixture is typically left on the hair for 15 minutes for a semi permanent result or 30 to 45 minutes for permanent color.
This is not a product that will lighten hair. It just adds color.

I read through many reviews to get a feel for how well women seemed to like this product and for the most part results were positive. The few negative reviews I read were similar to the one from our reviewer above, the color did not work as well for some women’s grey hair.

Each person’s hair is so different, I can understand that one product may not work for everyone. I would have been interested to see if this reviewer let the company know she was dissatisfied and if there was some resolution.

Overall, it appears that Robert Craig might be a possibility for women who want a more natural hair color. If you are sensitive this product does contain ppd (an ingredient used in permanent hair coloring) which is frequently a cause of problems for many women.

If you choose to try this hair coloring don’t forget to do a patch test. This is a good idea no matter if you know you are sensitive or not. You never know if your system will all of a sudden decide to reject some things which never bothered you before.

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Great, but lot of waste
by: Johanna K. 

I’ve been using Robert Craig hair color for about 3 years and it has been great! It’s easy to use and I love that I can just do touch-ups to cover my grey and stretch out my supply as needed. Plus, it has no odor. My only issue is that I end up with a lot of waste — plastic bottles, gloves, paper. I wrote the company requesting that they consolidate my order in a larger bag and just send me one box, one pair of gloves and one bottle, however, due to FDA restrictions, they say they cannot. They did suggest donating the bottles and gloves, however, I would prefer to find an alternative that doesn’t create excess waste.

Fixed my big oops!
by: Anonymous 

Tried bleaching my own hair, came out orange of course! Didnt want to do more damage trying to fix it so I tried Robert Craig. It returned my hair to a natural looking brown with no further damage! By the way, the local salon wanted $200 to fix my hair.

Love this hair colour 
by: Trisha 

I have been bleaching my own hair for a few years now . One time I left the bleach on too long and my hair was white . After looking around on the net in panic mode , i found Robert Craig’s hair colour . I got the blonde colour and put in on my over bleached hair and it looked perfect . It put colour back in the hair without having to use a filler . It made my hair really soft and shiny too .

I now use Robert Craig’s colour as a toner every time i bleach . I mix several shades. I really love this hair colour . It is so gentle on the hair. Wish they shipped to Canada . Had to get a US mailbox specifically for this hair colour.

Robert Craig – Love it (sometimes) 
by: Anonymous 

I have had problems w/my greys (and there arent very many of them) taking ANY color, salon colors, at home colors… so clearly they’re resistant. I’ve had spotty results w/Robert Craig… sometimes it covers fantastically, and then sometimes it’s EH. I mix two colors, w/less water & make sure my hair is damp… when I apply (not wet, and not dry it works better that way). I leave it on a full 40 minutes, the comb thru for another 5. I leave a showercap on, but I may try the saran wrap & a double application next time (which will be next week i think). I love that it has no smell… it doesnt irritate my scalp (which is often a problem) it’s a BARGAIN compared to the salon… and it’s really very easy to use… So I love it, just wish it was more consistently great for me.

Robert Craig … good stuff except for my gray!
by: Rachel 

I’ve used Robert Craig for several years but I’m on this site now because I’m looking for an alternative. It just doesn’t cover my gray adequately, even when left on for 45 minutes or longer.

It’s easy to use, and it doesn’t damage at all, but … it’s always a bit darker than I expected (I’m now using golden-beige blonde on my medium brown hair). And after the first shampoo (I wait two days then use Robert Craig’s own shampoo for color-treated hair, which is lovely and conditions well), the hairline and my chunk of gray in the back are again gray. Darn!

I guess it’s my unfortunate biochemistry. Permanents used to make my hair go straight, and colors turn strange on me. I’ll try Herbatint next based on what I’ve read, but I’ll miss Robert Craig for its gentleness.

Always do a strand test!!!

Natural look
by: Ronnie 

I just love Robert Craig haircolor
My hair looks natural and feels great
and many thanks to Karin and especialy to Ann at
Riah for making me look great

Robert Craig Hair Color beats Just For Men.
by: Anonymous 

I’m a male and found Robert Craig hair color about a few years go. First and foremost, I DO NOT work for the company, nor am I a paid spokes person. I’m just a regular consumer who uses the product. So with that said, Robert Craig color is GREAT! I’ve used “Just for Men” and had “fake” looking color and itchy scalp. I tried some of the women color products and they irritated my skin and they had a weird smell. I like Robert Craig hair color because it has very few ingredients. like around 10 or so. I did some research on the ingredients and they relatively safe as far as hair color goes, with the exception of contact allergies by those who are allergic to hair color. They tested NEGATIVE as a carcinogen, according to the University of Berkeley Carcinogenic Potency Project. So, this is good! Anyway other name brands hair color ingredients have way more ingredients. I like the fact Robert Craig mixes with plan water!, not some liquid chemical (with its own set of ingredients)! You mix a little bottle of power with warm water in the application bottle, shake. It turns into a foam like consistency. It may run a little bit, but it is very easy to apply. Be careful not to let it splash on your counter, sink or walls. It will stain. As far as the results go! FANTASTIC. It colored my hair great, and it appeared to add some volume and softness too. Maybe this has something to do with color penetrating the hair shaft and “plumping it up”. My natural born color is brown, but now I have some gray. I used the Light Chestnut #8. The gray hairs came out like a light golden brown. The regular hairs were just slightly colored. This made the color appear more natural like tones of color rather than one flat color. Suggestion to guys – jet black hair like Asian hair color looks fake on Caucasian males) Tone on tone makes it look real, so If I were you, don’t use black. You can mix different powders of Robert Craig color to come up with your own, unique color combination that nobody else will have! I work out so I shampoo every day and I found the color keeps it’s “just colored greatness” for about 3 weeks. The 4th week it looses a slight bit of it’s original, freshly colored look. By the 5th week it fades about 60-80% and you should color again.

Robert Craig hair color
by: Anonymous 

I have used this color for a few years and just love it. I have lots of gray hair. I put on the color and wrap my head with saran wrap for 45 minutes. Comes out perfect every time.

Love IT
by: Judy 

I have been using Robert Craig Hair Color for about seven years and love it! I have heavy gray hair across the top and front of my scalp. This hair is extremely resistant to color and my hairdresser’s “shine” product does not cover it (let her try once after a perm). I have found the exact shades to mix with Robert Craig, managed to determine the timing to put on front first then distribute through the top for the final minutes and have beautiful color that covers thick coarse gray hair that even beauticians rave about. Just wish my hairdresser would use it but she won’t. The products she uses take longer and the results are not nearly as long lasting as Robert Craig. And I have permed my hair and colored the same day with Robert Craig and suffer no damage. I do not do this often but sometimes it happens that way. I am not a professional but a long time novice and love Robert Craig Hair Color.

I’ve been using it for years
by: Samantha 

I found out about Hair Color by Robert Craig several years ago in a major magazine (it might have been Cooking Light) and was really intrigued. My hair is baby-fine and all over-the-counter hair color kits (permanent and semi-permanent) left my hair feeling like a brillo pad. The RC color worked like a charm. My hair actually felt better than before coloring. I mix colors to get the exact shade I want and I’m constantly getting compliments on it.


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  1. I’ve been using Robert Craig color for about 10 years, maybe longer. I went to the website to place an order and it said they were out of business! I’ve been looking all over for it and can’t find another permanent hair color with no peroxide or ammonia in the light ash blonde shade it seems like the only permanent hair color that’s powder and with no peroxide or ammonia is in dark colors. Please help thanks

    1. Jane: I just did like you–I’ve been using Robert Craig since 2008–solely to cover my gray–& just today, 12-20-19, found their business was closed! I received emails from them about specials, order confirmations, Q&A replies, & I never got any word this was to happen. I was shocked because, had I known this was imminent when I ordered last August, I would have bought more than I did. I too have no idea where to find this type of product. I can’t abide any fragrance & nothing else covers my gray. Have you by chance, been successful in finding an alternative?

      1. Joanne says:

        Have you been able to find an alternative color for Robert Craig?

        1. I also am looking for RC color.
          Or, something similar?

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