18 Things You have to Do Before Turn 18

18 Things You have to Do Before Turn 18

Girls, the beautiful creation of GodAre the one admirable thought!!The innocent smile and the sparkling eyesDeserves the happiness throughout their lives!!! Every phase of a girl’s life is a mystery that you are supposed to explain with lots of fun and indelible excitements. Just when you learn to know them well, you will discover many …

Four More Shots Please

The Protagonists Are Standing Up: Fighting Patriarchy In ‘Four More Shots Please!’

How long has it been since women were made to stay home all by themselves? A transient order of magnitude made them live a life where they were submissive to the rules and regulations set by those who were considered superior to them. This transient order surpassed the fields of education, art, technology, and even …

Hair Extension Brand Names
Business Names

599+ Innovative Hair Extension Brand Names

If you are thinking about starting a hair extension brand, then you have a great idea. Because of all the pollution and the environmental changes, women are losing hair fast. Some of our name suggestions for hair extension brand names. However, having luscious, gorgeous, fabulous hair is a dream of every woman. And what keeps …

How To Handle Training As A Female Trainer
Working Woman

How To Handle Training As A Female Trainer

While it appears as a glamorous role with all polished manners and demeanors, it is a slightly different world for female and male trainers. Male trainers are considered to be more serious and business-like whereas female trainers are considered as performers if they do not conduct themselves well while training.  Though there are no separate …

Make Up Business Names
Business Names

599+ Naming Ideas To Start Your Makeup Brand

You can start in your home country and then expand into selling internationally. So, you impulsively decide to customize catchy makeup names. For any makeup business, the first model one should stick to is creativity and inclusivity. The customer service you avail of and the ability to introduce your product in the most sensitive and …


5 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Nose Job

A nose job, also called a rhinoplasty, is a procedure for nose reshaping. It is a cosmetic surgery that alters the shape of the nose either for medical or aesthetic reasons. Medically, some people have defects in their nose shape that hinder normal breathing and other respiratory functions. Rhinoplasty changes the shape of the nose …