Keep your mind calm in every situation

Every person in our busy lives feels a high-stress level. Almost everyone feels frustrated with the overloading work or with an unfinished or uphill task. You need to keep your mind calm in every situation to tackle these situations. Calm mind helps to think clearly.

Keep your mind calm in every situation

Besides that, if you keep your mind calm in a stressful situation, you can make sure that you are not overreacting or not taking any wrong decision or not doing any wrong thing in anger, stress or confusion.

Moreover, highly angry or stressful situations cause harm to your health also. Here, I will give some techniques that will help you to keep calm in your life.

Parasympathetic breathing

We have two kinds of the nervous system. These are the sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system gets activated when you are in a fight or flight situation.

For example, if you are in a street fight, then this kind of nervous system will help you to make faster decisions to fight or flight by generating faster pulse rate, faster breathing and sending danger signals to your brain.

keep your mind calm

The modern hectic life schedule generates signals that activate sympathetic activity. For example, you were unable to meet a sales target or late to work and need to face questions in the office. These conditions elevate cortisol that disturbs the harmony of hormone production in our body.  

On the other hand, the parasympathetic system improves relaxation techniques by helping to digest the situation.  You can activate the parasympathetic system by Parasympathetic breathing that will help you to drop your heart rate and blood pressure and keep your mind calm in every situation. Here are the step-by-step instructions for parasympathetic breathing.

keep your mind calm
  • Sit in a relaxed position with your eyes closed.
  • Concentrate on your breathing.
  • Now, make inhalation you’re a slower inhalation. Complete inhalation with a count of 2 and pause for a count of 1.
  • Then exhale more slowly than inhale for a count of 4 and again pause for a count of 1.
  • Do this for at least 5 minutes and increase the time limit slowly each day. Increase by 30 seconds every day.

Exercises to calm nerves

There are several exercises to calm the nerves.

Shoulder stretch

keep your mind calm

In this exercise, at first, you need to interlace fingers of two hands and elevate arms overhead and face your palm towards the ceiling. Relax your body and take seven parasympathetic breathing. I hope, you have read the section of the article that describes parasympathetic breathing. After that keep your arm at a normal position and roll shoulders backward and forwards for nine times. Repeat the process for seven times.

Standing forward bend

keep your mind calm

First, you need to place your feet one and half feet apart and bend your knees. Then you should grab your elbows and let your elbows and head hang down. Take seven breaths with parasympathetic techniques to keep calm.

Calming your nerves 

Modern health experts develop many techniques to calm nerves in a stressful situation. I find the four-square breathing method is a good technique for calming your nerves. Here are the steps of four squares breathing that you can use to de-stress yourself.

Calming your nerves
  • Complete inhale to a count of four
  • Hold the air inside for a count of four
  • Exhale to a count of four through your pursed lips
  • Don’t inhale or exhale to a count of four
  • Take four normal breath
  • Repeat steps 1 to 4.


Meditation breathing techniques 

You can do several meditation breathing techniques for calming yourself. Modern health experts develop many deep breathing Exercises to calm nerves in a stressful situation. Abdominal Breathing is good meditation breathing techniques that you can do for calming your nerves.  The steps are as follows.

Meditation breathing techniques
  • Put your right hand on your heart
  • Put your left hand on the belly
  • Make some deep slow Inhale and exhale through the nose
  • Feel the movements of stomach and belly
  • Try to expand your chest more than your belly slowly.

Deep breathing exercises benefits

There are several deep breathing exercises benefits. Achieving mindfulness or staying at the present calmly is really helpful for calming your nerves. All the deep breathing techniques aim to reach mindfulness. It’s like rebooting your whole body system by the deep and steady stream of clean air. Hence, breathing is the most beneficial technique for relaxing.

Meditation breathing techniques

At the time of your hyper-focused job schedule, your breathing becomes fast and short. Your sympathetic nerves become activated that generates a fight or flight situation. Then some minutes invested in deep breathings can have a massive impact on your situation of nerve.


I can calm you down. Also, deep breath generates clear thinking as your body system starts to function steadily. Furthermore, extra Oxygen of deep breathing revitalizes your mind, body, and spirit. That helps you to keep calm and stay confident.

Self-soothing techniques

There are many self-soothing techniques that help to stay calm in an anxious situation. I think self-compassion is the best among all self-soothing techniques. In the self-compassion technique, you need to be compassionate to yourself and never beat yourself up. You should do this four or five times a day.

Self-soothing techniques

This self-soothing technique is helpful when you’re tense or distressed. You can start to practice self-compassion technique by placing your hand over the heart area and just like a mother soothes her baby by patting on the chest; you should rotate your hand over the heart. This helps to accept what we are and to calm your nerves.

This is a useful self-soothing technique as while you rotate your hand over the heart and your mind initiates a wonderful bio-chemical called endorphins that help you in calming yourself.  

 Music to calm down

 Music to calm down

The next time you feel anxious use music to calm down. You can tune to your songs but make sure the speed of the music is not too fast. Furthermore, the lyrics of the song should not be violent. You can also listen to birds and rain sounds on YouTube for calming your nerves.

Some Extra tips on how to stay cool

You need to apply some principal activities to stay cool. I researched how to stay cool and found some common tips from health experts. I find these habits are really helpful to stay cool. These habits are as follows.

  • Change your food habits. Don’t overeat and reduce fast food.
  • Eat green and exercise in greenery.
  • Wake up early and good to be early.
  • Stop using mobile all the time. Instead, take a walk and meet with relatives.
  • Learn to say no whenever you feel uncomfortable.
  • Think about positive things in your life.


A last extraordinary tip that I can give that all you have to do is stay calm and true to yourself. It’s more necessary to perform at your best than to be the best. Most people make the mistake of taking on too many works and responsibilities to prove themselves. All you need to give your best and keep your mind calm. I hope you can stay cool with these relaxing techniques mentioned in the article.



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