How to Accessorize a Black Evening Dress for This Year’s Christmas and New Year Parties

People often talk about how accessories are what really make an outfit, but let’s be honest – it’s usually the dress or the other bigger parts of an ensemble that we really put thought into. Adding a little jewelry and the right bag and shoes can definitely make or break a party look, though, and can also make the same dress look like a completely different outfit if you want it to.

With the holiday season no longer that far away, there are likely to be party invitations making their way to you soon, and if you are someone who prefers the simple, chic, and always on-trend solution of a black evening dress, then here are some ideas to accessorize this winter to really make those evening outfits feel beautiful and luxurious to wear!

Choose a Glamorous Bag

A black evening dress is classy and subtle enough that you can go for an evening bag that adds a little sparkle or metallic glamor. There are some great choices in the range of Saint Laurent bags, such as their crystal-covered Love Box evening bag, as seen at SSENSE is a fantastic luxury fashion retailer that has a wide range of gorgeous evening bags by YSL and other highly sought after designer labels, and so it is a great place to get inspired for bag looks that add some extra glamor that can really give a lift to your black dress. Your bag can also be somewhere to add a color accent, and for Christmas and New Year, you can go bold with gold, or choose a rich, lavish color like red, plum or teal with gold details. Look for luxurious fabrics and details, whether it is crystal, beadwork, or just a very soft leather or rich velvet.

Make a Statement With Jewelry

One way you can make the same black dress look very different for different occasions is with the jewelry you wear. A bold statement necklace with stones and sparkle will be the centerpiece of an outfit, with the dress offering a subtle, plainer backdrop for it, and the same effect can be gained with long statement earrings. Alternatively, you can make the dress look modern and trendy by swapping out ornate jewelry for chunky silver pendants and a bangle, creating a completely different look. Trying different jewelry styles with the dress as a canvas can make for really diverse party looks all based on one dress – great if you have spent big on one dress and want to get a lot of party mileage out of it this year!

Hair Ornaments

Another way you can alter the look of your dress is with the things you wear in your hair, and indeed the hairstyle itself. If you go big with something like a sparkly crystal hair slide or a bold flower or feather hear accessory, however, this should always be balanced with the jewelry, so go for more simple, subtle jewelry around the face if you want to make the hair accessories the statement piece of the outfit.

Hopefully, this will have given you a few ideas to help make your black party dress feel like a fabulous new outfit every time when you go out over the holiday season in 2019.

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