How Long Do Edibles Last?

What to Know About Dosing

If you’re not new to using cannabis, then you know that you should be very careful with edibles. Since they are made with a concentration of pure cannabis oil and butter, and on top of that are usually super tasty, you can easily go overboard with them. Many have munched on gummy bears just to find themselves as high as a kite in less than an hour. If you too have already fallen victim to edibles: then you will find this article very helpful! 

Cannabis infused edibles are a great choice when consumed responsibly; we tend to overeat at times, and when it comes to cannabis products, we must be very careful not to eat too much. Marijuana-infused food is potent and body-focused, meaning they are perfect for people who suffer from a lack of appetite, nausea, or pain. In order to better understand what to expect from edibles, we will try to answer one simple question here: How long do edibles last

When vaped or smoked, cannabis kicks in almost instantly. It’s easy to tell how much you have consumed, and you can decide whether you have had enough or not. When you eat infused food, these signals go away. When you take an edible, your body needs to metabolize it before you can feel the effect. Just like how a chocolate bar needs to be processed by the liver before you can tell that it has had an effect on you. 

Forms of Edibles

Before buying the first product offered to you by the budtender at your local dispensary, consider taking the time to decide what kind of edible is best for you. Sweet or savory, jelly or solid, small or big – the choice is all yours! There are quite a few types of products. Check them out! 


  • Meals


Nowadays, the industry is developing at a fast pace, and edibles do not only come in snack form. Full on cannabis-infused meals offer a unique way for one to experience edible marijuana. You can get absolutely anything – from salads to spaghetti, or even steak, traditional recipes can now deliver an awesome high!


  • Baked Goods


These are the classic options. Brownies, cookies, muffins, and the likes can all be classified as baked, and are very tasty too! It’s easy to whip a few ingredients together and create a tasty dough that is very potent. You should be careful with those; they are the easiest to overindulge on.


  • Candies 


Gummy bears and chocolates are probably the most common types of edibles sold in stores. Lollipops and other CBD-infused candy products have innocent exteriors but pack a punch! One jelly bonbon can go a long way, so take care!


  • Mints 


These have the lowest impact compared to other products. They usually contain between 5mg to 10mg of THC and are perfect for people who are new to weed-infused food. Getting high from 10mg is virtually impossible, so if you’re ready to give edibles a try, start with mints! 

The amount of time it takes for the edibles to kick in depends on the metabolism of each individual. Adults with a faster body function may feel medicated after an hour, while those with slower metabolism have to wait a little bit longer. You should know that no one has ever died from overdosing on marijuana. Ingesting too much though can mean that your pleasant Saturday evening can turn into a nightmare. Eating the entire muffin may seem like a great idea, but many times, a single edible is considered more than one dose. 

So, How Long Do Edibles Last?

It is recommended that if you’re new to edibles, you should start with a dose of 10 mg and should wait around 1 to 2 hours for the effect to take place. After that time, you can try more. The duration will depend on the dosage you ate, your tolerance to marijuana, and if or what you ate before taking the product. In most cases, the effect lasts around 4 to 6 hours. However, if you eat more than the recommended amount, your high might last longer.

Edibles are unpredictable. So it’s very important to start low and work your way up gradually. Another thing to consider when planning to eat cannabis-infused food is that it’s better to do it on a day off. If you have a busy day ahead, edibles are not a good choice. Go for a Sativa strain instead. 

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