Faux Fur

Faux fur today is wonderfully soft, luxurious and warm. Beautiful color combinations and style that rivals real fur without all the ugly baggage that comes with real fur. How can you beat that, looking good and feeling good without the guilt.

When I was little my grandmother had a fur coat, a real fur coat. I remember snuggling up against it and how warm and soft it felt. She really loved that coat.

It was her only luxury and I’m sure it made her feel glamorous, far removed from her day to day life. I never did know how she managed to afford it.

I think for her it was so much more than a coat, it was a feeling. Wearing it made her feel special and I think that is the feeling many women get when they wear fur but with all the improvements that have been made in faux fur you don’t have to wear the real thing to experience that same feeling.

The high quality faux fur being used in today’s fashions and home interiors are usually made with mod-acrylic fibers. These fibers such as Tissavel and Kanecaron are soft, resilient, flame resistant and warm and create the look and feel of real fur.

Luxurious looking fur can be found in a variety of styles and prices. It is possible to find great looking coats, vests, wraps, etc. at affordable prices that have been factory made or choose a beautiful custom design.

Manufacturers choose not only the type of mod-acrylic but also whether the backing is woven or knitted and what type of lining material is used.

Mod-acrylic Fibers

full length faux fur vest

These are synthetic fibers which when made are not very environmentally friendly. They are made with non-renewable resources, frequently produce toxic waste and aren’t biodegradable to name just a few of the possible problems.

But not all synthetic fibers are created the same. Some are made with more care for the environment than others. Tissavel is one of those fibers popularly used.

Tissavel has been tested by Oeko-Tex an organization concerned with the safety of textiles both for the consumer, the people involved in the manufacturing and for the environment. According to the Oeko-tex Standard 100 , Tissavel was awarded a “Confidence in Textiles” license.

It conforms to the standards described in the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 protocol and it has been tested by an independant organization and awarded a license to display the certification label.

Oeko-Tex looks at all stages of manufacture to determine environmental impact but their highest priority is the effect the production of the fiber or the fiber itself can have on people.

I was not able to find any such testing or rating of any other mod-acrylics. But that may change with time. Ask the manufacturer if the mod-acrylics used in their faux fur have been tested for harmful substances.

Woven or knitted backing?

Each manufacturer has their preference. Woven is preferred by fake fur designers like Charly Calder and Fabulous Furs. It can be a little more costly due to a more involved process but less yarn is used and some think less shedding occurs. Yes, faux furs do shed but that diminishes with time.

faux fur jacket Silk and Sable

Knitted fabrics are faster and easier to create. The fibers stretch which can cause distortion which is not desirable. But at least one company Silk and Sable uses the knitting process to their advantage in a process which allows the individual fibers to stand upright resembling the real fur.

Lining Material

The choice of lining has an impact on the care of these fabrics. High end faux fur usually has satin lining and requires dry cleaning or spot cleaning with mild soap and water. Those fabrics lined with polyester or a mod-acrylic can usually be washed.

It is important to follow the manufacturers instructions for caring for your fur. Recommendations can vary greatly and if not followed might ruin your fur completely.

A Beautiful and Kind Choice

Looking at these furs, I can see why so many designers and celebrities would find them so appealing. Fashion Designer Marc Bouwer has been using fake fur and creating some beautiful fashions being worn by quite a few celebrities. Check out this interesting interview and see what he has to say about fur and the fashion industry.

Make sure when buying anything that you think is fake fur to read the label. Some furs thought to be fake have turned out to be animal fur, sometimes even that of dogs and cats. Also, choose the highest quality faux fur you can afford. You will be happier with the results.

faux fur throw faux fur throw

Don’t limit your choices to just apparel. Beautiful, warm, soft throws and pillows add an elegant and exotic touch to your home. (Click on the images above to learn more about them.)

Faux fur gives you a chance to enjoy the beauty of animal fur without the harm to animals. It is sometimes difficult to find products that are animal, people and earth friendly. Faux fur is one example but with a little information you can make the best choice.

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