Nutrition plays an important role in determining how healthy an individual is. Whether a person is completely healthy or suffers from a certain health condition, monitoring diet and nutrition has its own role in catalyzing the treatment and healing process. For years, the most traditional forms of nutrition management have been focusing on physiological factors. However, there’s a lot more to nutrition than just looking at these physiological factors. This is where holistic nutrition offers a lot more help. Holistic nutrition focuses on natural ways and evidence-based techniques to monitor an individual’s diet and lifestyle.

Holistic nutrition takes into account all the factors of health instead of concentrating on just one or standardizing one solution for everyone. A holistic nutritionist assesses the habits of an individual, health history, and mental state to identify the root cause of the health troubles and devise the right solution specifically targeting the root cause.


When you go to a professional holistic nutritionist who has pursued holistic nutrition certification from a reputed academy, you can expect the following services.

Reasons for lack of energy

Lack of energy can result from many reasons. And when it can’t be concluded what exactly causes the lack of energy and lethargy, holistic nutrition can help in assessing every possible reason and find a reason-based solution.  

Digestive problems

Pretty much like energy-related problems, anything can cause digestive issues. Whether you’re under severe mental stress, have a deficiency of good bacteria in your gut, an unhealthy lifestyle, or have metabolic issues, there are many factors that contribute to it. A holistic nutritionist would help discover the exact reason that causes digestive issues and fix the problem.

Problems associated with weight

Many people put all their effort in losing or gaining weight and still find all their effort go in vain as nothing works out. Even if some method works, the results only last for a short time. There might be something that you’re missing as you shoot in the dark and expect to lose or gain weight. A holistic nutritionist can help you sort this problem by figuring out what’s to be targeted in order to manage weight.

Meal planning

If you’re trying to take up healthy habits but aren’t exactly sure what nutrients your body needs, you can seek a holistic nutritionist’s help. A holistic approach to planning a diet takes into account not only your physical health but also looks at the mental health aspects to plan the best diet for you.


Since holistic nutrition looks at a problem from all angles, leaving no stones unturned, it’s no surprise that holistic nutritionists have so much scope in terms of career. More and more people look for holistic nutrition solutions these days. However, being a relatively new concept, it has not yet been regulated by the government. When you pursue a certification course, make sure you go through all the government regulations of your state.

When you seek a holistic nutrition certification course, make sure you look at the curriculum that any academy or course aims to cover. As the term ‘holistic’ is self-explanatory, you know the course should comprise of various areas, all aiming at comprehensive nutrition. A typical holistic nutrition certification course would help you address fundamental of nutrition with the help of the following factors-

  • Physiology and anatomy
  • Pathology and prevention of diseases
  • Psychology of disease
  • Herbal medicine
  • Environment and nutrition
  • Health supplementation

A holistic nutritionist provides help and advice to improve your lifestyle and diet with small changes based on each of the health aspects. This advice is also preventive in nature- it helps in preventing the chances of falling sick and promotes better health. Since nutritionists aren’t allowed to make a diagnosis or prescribe medicines, they may also work with other health professionals. In the near future, we can expect more people to pursue this as a serious career option and many more people seeing holistic nutrition solutions.

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