Elegant Minerals Review

This company offers a huge selection of products and colors, affordability AND wonderful customer service! You will not be disappointed with your order and they offer so many samples items with very generous quantities, not just a single application.

You can get a sample kit including 4 foundations, 2 setting powders, 3 eyeshadows and 3 blushes for only $10! Even better, YOU get to choose all of the colors. They also offer a $10 skin care sample kit. They are currently offering a great promotion to become an independent distributor.

Editor’s Notes:

Simple ingredients of titanium dioxide, mica and iron oxide. No bismuth or micronized minerals and provides sun protection of spf 15. Mineral makeup does provide sun protection but for a company to claim any spf they are supposed to be tested. This is to make sure that the makeup does indeed protect the skin and to what level. This can be expensive which is why you don’t see very many mineral makeup companies claiming that their products provide a specific level of protection.

Elegant Minerals carries quite a few other cosmetics and skin care products that are cruelty free. They are also approved by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Comments for Elegant Minerals Review

Very disappointed! ! NEW
by: Anonymous 

This used to be my absolute favorite mineral makeup on the planet!! Well the mineral makeup still is and let me tell you I have tried practically every brand out there. But something drastically wrong is going on with the owner Tracey. I had to wait months to get my full shipment after it was long paid for and had many calls and emails with no response either!! They used to answer the phone all the time and get back to you in emais as well but that all has changed. What a disappointment too. Now I’ve discovered Buff’d mineral makeup out of Canada. I have to pay more but the quality AND customer service is awesome!! Elegant Minerals should just close shop as you cannot rely on them. They’ll take you money though!! Shame on you Tracey!! You owe it to your long time customers to come clean!!!!

Great products but HORRIBLE customer service NEW
by: Anonymous 

I placed an order in February for several items. I received all but one item and had a note on the invoice that said the face lotion would be sent ASAP. In March, I still hadn’t received this item so I called and was told that they just got the ingredients to make the lotion and it would be shipped in a few days. It is now almost June and I still haven’t received my item. I have called several times and no one has picked up. I haven’t received a response from my messages or emails.

I’ve been using Elegant Minerals products for years. I have recommended them to friends and family and up until now, haven’t been able to say enough good things about the company and their products. Unfortunately, it is time to look for another company to do business with. I’m not wasting any more time or money with Elegant Minerals.

Great? NEW
by: Anonymous 

I had unpleasant experience with elegant minerals. As a product reviewer, I tend to review not only products, but also services. I wrote a little review about this company on my blog. Please kindly visit http://www.zantiaz.com/my-thoughts-on-elegant-minerals/

I am glad you’re all have great experiences.

great make up – slow shipping though NEW
by: Anonymous 

I’ve been using Elegant Minerals for over a year now. Their foundation feels really great on my face. Not heavy like other mineral make up powders I’ve used. Their eye shadows are wonderful as well as their lipsticks. When I first began using it I did a sample pack that offered tons of shades (I don’t see that offered any longer) however they do have a really reasonable price for packets of 4 samples of foundation as of this writing,

My only complaint would be their shipping is a snails pace. However their official policy on their website is that they ship out your order in approximately 3 business days. However my most recent order I’m on day 16 and still have not received my order, and the tracking info they gave me does not show any movement from their location to the post office. I have yet to have an order arrive in a timely manner from them.

Definitely worth my going back over and over again because the foundation is so reasonable in price and works so well. They have really good sales too if you sign up for their newsletter.

Great products
by: ADW1988 

I use this makeup for my work as a makeup artist. When applied correctly, it does not feel like a mask. If it is, you are doing it wrong. The first time I tried it on my face, I could feel the difference between other brands (and I’ve tried just about everything form Lancome to Revlon). It does not have that heavy feeling on the face and it’s not a nightmare to get off at the end of the day.

Great but very slow shipping. Worth the wait
by: Anonymous 

I LOOOOVE elegant minerals. I mix shades depending on the time of year and how tan I might be. They have $1 sample jars of everything, which last awhile (for me they do). And I also apply it with an oil, rather than dry. The person who stated that it goes on like pancake batter is lying. Batter is liquid and the mineral makeup is dry…so it makes zero sense. And although I apply mine with an oil, it’s as thick or as sheer as the amount of oil I add. Today I went extremely sheer, so thin and light. The one problem I’ve been noticing lately is that their shipping is REALLY slow. As in two weeks or so. This was not always the case.

by: hope 

Fell in love with the skincare products. After only 2 months of use I erased 10 years and gained a natural glow everyone notices so I took on this product for my business, Copper Tops and am very excited. The service I get is wonderful.

Great products
by: Kathie W. 

I’ve been using Elegant Mineral products for several years. All the powder foundations, and blush and even the brushes are of highest quality. I’ve never had any skin irritations. I like their sample policy. Great customer service and shipment is super fast. It’s great to be able to use paypal too. Just try them and you’ll be a repeat customer like me.

Just Awful
by: Anonymous 

This foundation has to be worst idea I have ever had. I do not even have skin issues that require extreme coverage..only minor redness….this foundation acts like pancake batter. It feels as though I am wearing a mask and I look like a clown. I have been wearing Sheer Cover for almost a year and decided to try-out a cheaper alternative…well big mistake. Ladies do not make the mistake I did, take your business elsewhere.

Elegant Minerals helped my skin problems!
by: Anonymous 

I’ve always had sensitive skin. I can’t use many product sold at the stores, the fragrances give me headaches and I usually get some kind of rash or breakout from them.

I pick up one of the Organic Skin Care Kits from Elegant Minerals. This kit came with the following samples:

1 Organic 2 in 1 Cleanser/Toner
1 Organic Body Lotion
1 Organic ANti-aging serurm
1 Facial Bar Sample
Lotion for Senstive skin
Organic Anti-aging Alpha Hydroxy
Organic Anti-aging Repair Lotion

this was great because I could try them out first.

the alpha hydroxy works good. the nourish and repair smells a little bit like cucumber.

The facial bar took off my makeup easy.

they also sent me a free sample of the Organic Coconut Milk Makeup Remover.

Anyway, the samples worked great! I can use them with no problem. I’ll be going back for the bigger sizes!


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