Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper Review

An Insight to Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper Review

Let me introduce to you the perfect toilet paper which is not only a health-friendly paper but also is a perfect replacement of the conventional toilet paper. It is an Environment-Friendly toilet paper named Who gives a Crap Toilet Paper. It has been developed to mitigate the use of trees in producing toilet paper and hence, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly product.

The company that manufactured such a unique piece is Who gives a crap. The founders of this recycled toilet paper believe in playing a crucial role in implementing the use of eco-friendly resources to help in bringing a change in society using their zero waste toilet paper. On reading Who gives a crap reviews, one can easily find people cheering the philanthropic and eco-friendly approach that they use for their products.

This makes the toilet paper special as its ingredients are free from harmful and disease-causing agents that are present in our regular toilet paper. Some names of such elements are:

  Chlorine derivatives that are clinically proven to be unfit for use by the human body

  Formaldehyde that is responsible for causing cancer and irritation to skin

  Bisphenol A or BPA is a popular Endocrine disease-causing agent

  Fragrance that is also cancer causing agent

After checking the reviews online where People have given top-rated product quality to this wonderful revolution started by Simon Griffiths, Danny Alexander and Jehan Ratnatunga in Australia. I was tempted to use it on my own and explore if they really are as good as being told. I was shocked when I found the beautiful super-soft toilet paper wrapped in paper. As I unwrapped it, I could discover that the quality of the paper was worth my money.

I would like to share some Amazing Features of this useful product so that you can also experience the same happiness:

  • Chemical-free Product: When I first checked the contents by which it was made, I found no synthetic product listed. Who gives a crap toilet paper does not make use of any chemicals like inks, dyes or scents, thus paves a way to an absolutely natural product which does not contain chlorine or formaldehyde that causes rashes or irritation on your skin. Till now, no one in my family has felt any irritation or rash on the skin, making it worth the cost.

  • 100% Recycled Toilet Paper: I am extremely happy as I have chosen a paper that can be recycled and even the box that it comes in, can be recycled. The manufacturers, Who gives a Crap are particularly focusing on the aspect of producing an environment-friendly toilet paper which contains bamboo. As Bamboo does not need any process of fertilization, tending or irrigation to be followed, it generates a zero waste toilet paper.

  • 3 Ply and Super-Soft Quality: I myself felt the softness of this paper when I rubbed it on my skin. Several people have mentioned in Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper Reviews, that the paper is high in quality and extremely soft when rubbed on the skin. They also said that three-ply or three-layered paper has the adequate strength and the right plushness which in turns provides convenience to use. Even my kids used this paper and never felt any kind of roughness, rather they happily use it. Also, the thickness of the paper is right enough to impart a great performance.

  • A generous roll for smooth experience: I am never worried about the depletion of this toilet paper. Along with softness, Who gives a crap paid close attention to user experience and provided with a long sheet of roll for improving the performance and imparting an enriching user experience. I am delighted as unlike the conventional toilet paper, the roll of Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper never goes out of stock until next month.

  • Only Recycled Material Used: The inventors of this biodegradable paper, Who gives a Crap have chosen a green movement by using completely recycled products for packing these toilet paper rolls. Not only the cardboard boxes in which the rolls are packed but also the paper that wraps the individual roll is recycled. No use of plastic is made at any step of packing. This has benefitted me a lot as I have got a full Return on Investment.

I totally recommend this toilet paper which has been a blessing owing to its customer-oriented features and top-level quality. I believe Who gives a crap toilet paper is a step towards the green initiative that is based upon eliminating the use of any chemical based paper and opting for a biodegradable and a super-soft product. Thus, I would love to buy it and even gift it to my close people to extend a hand to this green movement.


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