LA Minerals Makeup Review

Love the look!

Love the look!

I’ve tried so many different mineral makeup brands. Most made me itch and it took me forever to figure out why (bismuth). After trying LA Minerals products, I’m totally hooked! No bismuth and no itching, thank GOD!

I can’t live without their yellow concealer. It totally hides my dark circles, and doesn’t wear off. I like the Hollywood foundation the best, as it has a natural dewy type of glow to it, covers well, and lasts all day.

I have sample sizes of 2 eyeshadows: Satin Sheets and Espresso, and they are goth gogeous! I’ve also used the Espresso as an eyeliner.

I’m loving the Lit Up shade of bronzer. Perfect “been in the sun” glow without all the glitter.

The Veil I tried was nice too and I like that you can pick shades to coordinate with your foundation shade.

Definitely worth trying. Their samples are $2 each.



Thanks Michelle for the review and beautiful photo.

Here are the ingredients for the Hollywood Foundation Michelle was referring to:

* Premium Sericite Mica(Mineral-natural talc replacement),
* Titanium Dioxide (natural sunscreen),
* Silica Microspheres (Mineral-blurs imperfections & absorbs oil),
* Boron Nitride (Mineral-silky feel,increases adhesion),
* Zinc Oxide (Mineral-natural sunscreen),
* Magnesium Stearate (Mineral-increases adhesion),
* Silk Powder (Premium ingredient-softens lines, balances moisture, absorbs oil),
* Iron Oxides (colorant), UltraMarines (colorant),
* Magnesium Myristate(increases adhesion, free flow, adds slip, soft feel, rub resistance, lubricity, surface smoothness, and water repellency), and
* Dimethicone (natural binder and emollient).

Wondering about some of the ingredients used?

Some of the ingredients used are the usual players in most natural mineral makeup but a few were different than the brands I’ve been using.

Boron Nitride is a natural mineral and it is used to provide a silky feel, smoothness and give a soft focus look. Some women may have some sensitivity to this ingredient so try out one of the samples offered by LA Minerals to be sure.

Magnesium Stearate I have researched this and and am not sure I really understand it. It does seem to be sourced in different ways. It can be vegetable or animal sourced. It is a salt of stearic acid which is a saturated fatty acid. It is used for adhesion and is considered safe.

Dimethicone is derived from sand but according to The Green Beauty Guide is a petroleum derivative. The definition on the LA Minerals site really did not say where this ingredient comes from. From my understanding even though it is derived from a natural ingredient the end product is considered to be synthetic because it is chemically derived.
There are questions about it’s safety and for women who are sensitive may cause irritation.

Magnesium Myristate is a mineral also used for smooth application and because it is absorbent.

LA Minerals is against animal testing and has signed with PETA.

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LA Minerals Makeup Review

Love LA Minerals too;)
by: jESSA

I’ve used a BUNCH of brands of mineral makeup. I like how much lighter it feels on your skin. But LA Minerals is definitely my favorite too!!!


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