Effects of Bra usage : ill fitting bra symptoms

ill-fitting Bra Symptoms

Effects of Bra usage

We have heard about the details and have been imparted awareness to know the exact bra size and which bra to choose which would be appropriate for our look. But the basic question comes up to why do we wear a bra? Who invented this bra since in the Numidian times the females had no cups for their boobs?  Basically corset was used by athletes in the 19th century which evolved into bras. We think that the cups support our breasts but the factual truth is that the supporting is given by our ribs and the back cup just holds up the breasts.

Is it fruitful Cutting bra off?

Yes, wearing a bra will not get your boobs erect. But not wearing of bra will not cause your boobs to be saggy. It is similar like going to a gym for exercise. You pump up the muscles through the machines but once you leave it they turn out to be saggy but if you work out regularly without going to gym your body will be fit and non-saggy. Similar is the case with using Bra. The muscles of the breast have tissues which exercise on their own in your regular activities. But when you use a bra the tissues of your breasts cease their independent exercise and turn out to be saggy. So yes, not wearing a bra will not harm your health nor will your boobs increase in size.

ILL fitting bra Symptoms

There are many prominent physical signs which will direct you if that you are wearing a wrong bra the prominent ones are-

  • You will feel pain or irritation under your breasts– 
  • If you see red liners under your boob there is definitely an issue with your underwire. It can be caused due to fiction of your underwire.
  • You readjust your bra the entire day-  If you have to adjust your bra the entire day and still feel uncomfortable there might be issues with your style of bra, the band might be too big or the cup size you are using might not be appropriate.
  • The back is being squeezed by the Band-    If so is the case with you try out the band which is thicker since the necessary support to the breast is given by the bands.
  • You are encountering headaches- lack of support can cause extra exercise from your upper muscles and regular strain from their end owing to non-supportive bra can lead to headaches
  • Feeling of sweat and easy overheating- Tight bra can restrict your breathing and even interrupt with straining your tissues which can result to this. So once you start feeling it change your bra or your brand.
  • You have undergone a change- Be it pregnancy or an operation your previous bra will require to be changed as these impact on the size of the bra. If you are unable to find an appropriate bra for yourself, you can always consult a bra fitter in that case.

Wearing the wrong bra size effects

Not wearing a bra does not turn you helpless but wearing a wrong bra will surely have its harmful effects. The various harmful effects your wrong bra can have on your health are-

  1. Wearing the wrong size bra- We all follow a bra size but Bra suddenly fells tight. It does not necessarily mean that your breast size has increased. Choice of brands is a tricky job. Each brand has its own specification of bra size so best would be if you measure your size before going for the purchase.
  • Chronic pain around the back, shoulders or your neck–  Since the support to your boobs are provided by the straps and the back of your bra so if you are not particular about your bra size and are wearing the wrong bra size Ill-fitting bra symptoms through them can result pinching of nerve in your neck and chronic back pain.
  • The effect on the lymphatic system- In accordance to the study by Bristol University the lymphatic nerve system is responsible for the extraction of toxics from our body but the straps affect our lymphatic nodes and owing to the strain on them they are unable in extracting the toxins which can cause cancer which are caused by the lodge in the mammary glands. So the larger your bra timing the more you are under the risk of breast cancer.
Effects of Bra usage :  ill fitting bra symptoms
Effects of Bra usage : ill fitting bra symptoms
  • Breathing problem– the ill-fitting bra brings strain to the bones and muscles which eventually result in breathing uneasiness. Due to which people are unable to understand Why does my bra hurt my ribs?
  • Effect on digestion– the location of the strap of your bra is positioned over the diaphragm. So you are using a tight fitting bra you can affect your digestion process.
  • Rashes and lesions-  regular use of bra can cause irritation on your skin since they are tight fitting and are perpendicular to the body so you should prefer taking your bra off after work and massage your pack and shoulder for ease.
  • Impact on the mammary gland- Bra constantly push your breasts towards your rib cage. Due to which your breasts can be injured internally and can damage the mammary gland tissues. To avoid this decrease your hours of wearing bra.
  • Tight bra heart burn– continues impact of tight underwired bra can cause heart burns. That is why it is said that a tight bra can cause chest pain.
  • The myth- many women think sleeping with bra on keeps your boobs in shape but the fact is you should never sleep with your undergarment on. In case you are uncomfortable without bra go along with bralette it will have less impacts on your health.
  1. Sagging and chaffing– you should be particular about your bra irrelevant of the fact if you have big boobs tight bra or small boobs. Since tight bra can cause skin damage and loose ones can cause chaffing. There should be no movement while you move. And yes bra cause sagging.

Sensitivity in your Breasts

We have discussed about the impacts a wrong bra can have on us and how can we appropriately choose the correct bra. But each sensitive breast issue does not relate to bra pain related problems there is more to it. We will discuss the various sensations we feel in our breasts their actual reasons and the easy solution you can try.

  1. The impact your bra can have– as per the recent research it has been disclosed that 80% of women having big boobs fail to use the appropriate bra which results in Big boobs tight bra effects on the health. Due to old, big stretchable bra they are not stable around your breasts and owing to regular movement you will feel soreness in your breasts. Apart from this using a tight bra can have coarse actions on your health.
  2. Muscle strain– the pectoral muscles lie beneath the breasts. A strain on these muscles can cause your one breast to ache which will feel as if your breasts are paining. If so is the case you will witness swelling, bruising and won’t be able to move your arms freely.

These pains are common amongst athletes and weightlifters but in household activities which seeks strain from your shoulders it can affect your muscle.

If you are suffering from pecs muscle pain treat it with medication of ibuprofen and naproxen. Rest it is the best healing medicine for this pain. Keep the area warm it will help you stretch.

  • A bump or a bruise– Carrying a heavy cross body bag, sex, carrying a sleepy child and other reasons can cause breast bumps or bruises. It is not so serious an issue always.

To cure it you can try anti- inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen since they are effective and have no side effects. Apply ice or heat depending what reliefs you to get rid of the swelling. In such situation underwire bras can cause pain.

  • Period pain– medically pain in breasts during periods is known as cyclical breast pain. The pain during this type is caused due to hormonal imbalance. The effects like lumps, pain around the breasts, upper chest and outer side and armpit lumps are common but it will go away as soon as your periods end.

If the symptoms are unbearable take up anti- inflammatory drugs, avoid caffeine. Take up period bra which will be a bit larger in size.

  • Signs during pregnancy– it’s the most complicated time of hormonal changes. Your breasts can be swollen and your nipples will stick out adding to it your bra will suddenly feel tight. You will feel a burning sensation in your heart but do not think it to be your bra issue.

If so is the case prefer wearing a bra during sleep it will make you comfortable. Take a size bigger than you are using presently. Apply heat and use breast pads.

  • In case of cyst– these are small sacs which are fluid filled and are in breasts. They can be many in number and can be on one boob or both the boobs. You will experience nipple discharge which may form lumps.

Go for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. To relieve the pain, you can apply hot and cold compressions. If you feel no relief get in touch with your doctor.

We have discussed about the various impacts and other relevant effects on our breasts but there are few questions which come up along in our minds we have answers to the prominent ones you will have-

Q) what are the bra benefits?

A) A bra covers, supports and elevates the breasts of women. Wearing them causes laziness in the pectoral muscles apart from these it preserves cooper’s ligaments. It helps in improving the posture and prevents spine related problems.

Q) Preference of underwire bra vs no underwire.

A) underwire bra can cause skin problems, blocked milk ducts, head and neck pain, sports injuries, and other chest pain related issues. So for starters you should look out for no underwire bras as the comparative hazards on health caused by them is less.

Q) Causes of underwire bra pain?

A) The underwire bra presses our skin and our lymph nodes which are not good and cause pain.

Q) Alternative to underwire bra
A) There are many alternatives to underwire bra. Few of the prominent underwire free bras are full coverage bra, the lightly lined t shirt bra, push up bra, bralette, sports bra.

Q) Why black bra is avoided?
A) In accordance to the latest reports black bra can cause breast cancer. The reason of this is that there are many chemicals which are used as dyes while creating the bra which causes breast cancer.



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