Creating a Spa-Like Experience In Your Home

That feeling of zen and calmness that washes over your being when you enter the spa is unmatched in most of our homes. What’s different, and how can we bring that to our living space? Everything in spas is very intentional, either intentionally there, or not there. Both sides are equally important to creating the overall atmosphere you feel. Less is more, and what is in place, creates the scents, the quiet and the calm that makes it relaxing and an escape from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.


  1. Consider reducing clutter, down to the essentials. I’m not suggesting toss out everything in your space, but it’s worth it to go through your stuff once or twice a year, and reduce all the unused items that are taking up space. There are lots of articles and studies about material clutter equating to mental clutter, and this can be felt, in the energy of the space that we spend the most time in. Less is more.
  2. Get high-quality towels, robes and body products. Treating yourself to nice, plush towels and a soft robe is adulting on a whole other level. It just feels good to have high-quality items that go on your body. Essential oils and pure body lotions are what chemically blend into our skin and body, so having intentionally curated options can make your experience so much more enjoyable.
  3. Consider getting a spa quality massage tablefor your home. There are only so many angles you can ask your spouse to massage your back from while laying on a bed or sofa. When you have a massage table in your home, you can experience the benefits of relaxation of laying on the table in quiet or with soft music or asking a loved one to rub out those stress knots that never quite go away.
  4. Soft, relaxing music. Part of the charm and relaxation of going to a spa is the relaxing music that’s just loud enough to be heard but isn’t blasting. And it’s mostly instrumental, so your mind is free to be in a more meditative state, rather than excited with familiar lyrics.

Creating a spa-like experience in your home can be done on a small or grand scale, depending on your budget and space availability for something like your own massage table. Whatever your available resources, making even one change to your living space can make a big impact on your relaxation and mood.

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