8 Important Benefits Of Dental Cleanings

One of the most common interventions performed in a dental clinic is professional dental cleaning. This is a simple treatment with an objective to eliminate both bacterial plaque and tartar lodged in the teeth. Today, we will talk about the advantages of professional dental cleaning that you can expect from a dentist Brisbane has the best to offer for its residents.

Although our routine dental cleaning is good, specialists advise performing a professional dental cleaning at least once a year or in any case, when our dentist recommends it. 

Benefits Of Professional Dental Cleaning

1. Keeps Teeth Perfect And Protected Against Oral Diseases

Professional oral cleaning keeps our teeth perfect; free of tartar, spots or bacteria and it also strengthens the enamel. This results in healthy and protected teeth against oral diseases such as gingivitis, tooth decay or periodontitis. 

It reduces the appearance of caries. The plaque that accumulates in the teeth is the main cause of the appearance of caries. This plaque can be removed using dental floss, proper brushing, and professional dental cleaning.

It also prevents periodontal diseases. Gum disease is one of the causes of tooth loss in adults. As the plaque progresses below the tooth, it can affect the bone causing it to loosen and fall. However, both gingivitis and periodontitis can be avoided by dental cleaning combined with good oral hygiene habits.

2. Contributes To A Good General Health

Systemic diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems are directly related to periodontal diseases. Therefore, it is very important to take professional oral hygiene, especially in these cases.

3. Bad Breath Is Eliminated

Halitosis is a problem that affects up to 50% of the population. In many cases, it may be related to tartar and the accumulation of bacteria. A good way to control it is with professional oral cleaning.

Refresh your breath: performing a dental cleaning is a great way to keep your mouth healthy, and prevent persistent bad breath, even if you brush your teeth and floss frequently. Although sometimes it can be the cause of other health-related issues as well it is best to consult the dentist as the first step to cure it. 

4. Teeth Look Better

Professional oral cleaning is not only good for oral health, but it also gives whiter and brighter teeth by removing stains derived from habits such as the consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco or other foods that stain the teeth. In this way, we can say that one of the main advantages of this intervention is the improvement of the aesthetics of the patient by eliminating these unsightly stains that form in the tooth enamel, mainly in the surroundings of the gum.

It keeps your smile white. Some drinks like coffee, tea, wine or smoking can stain your teeth. But a dental cleaning can remove stains and leave you with a bright white smile.

5. The Sense Of Taste Is Enhanced 

The sense of taste is altered when we have residues in our mouth. Clean teeth and therefore, a healthy mouth help to have a better sense of taste and have a very pleasant feeling of cleanliness in our mouth.

6. Advantage For Long-Term

Professional oral cleaning prevents future extractions, implants or other treatments derived from poor oral hygiene. Oral and pocket health benefits.

7. Eliminates All Impurities Including Tartar

As we have advanced previously, we are facing a technique that will be of great help to eliminate the remains and impurities located between the teeth and that we have not been able to eradicate through the oral hygiene routine. It offers special help when removing tartar since once it has formed it can no longer be removed through brushing.

8. A Quick And Painless Treatment

Professional dental cleaning is a quick and painless treatment. This will not only help your teeth look better, but it also serves as a preventive treatment against the most common diseases such as gingivitis, tooth decay or periodontitis. Many of these diseases are not detected easily so this type of cleaning will ensure that the bacteria that produce them do not develop them.

If you suffer from halitosis problems, dental cleaning can become your best ally to combat it. Halitosis is mainly caused by poor oral hygiene that causes bacteria to proliferate in the mouth and cause that bad smell. In many cases with a daily dental cleaning, it is not possible to eliminate all the bacteria that cause bad breath. With professional cleaning, you can keep bacteria at bay and thus avoid this annoying pathology.

In addition, many oral diseases can cause others that are much more serious. With oral cleaning, your teeth will be healthier which will benefit your general health avoiding pathologies in other areas of the body.

Despite being a painless treatment, it is common for some patients to suffer dental sensitivity during the cleaning process. Unlike many clinics in which ultrasound is used to remove tartar and plaque, some treatments use compressed air, a technology that does not damage the enamel and is also silent. In addition, compressed air does not cause bleeding and prevents tooth sensitivity after treatment.

Additional Benefits Of Ultrasound Dental Cleaning

Ultrasonic dental cleaning is a truly innovative procedure in the field of dental aesthetics. It was already considered the most efficient of non-abrasive cleaning methods that do not use chemical substrate solutions. 

Ultrasonic cleaning is a technique that, through rapid vibrations, removes tartar and scales of teeth in a painless manner and with optimal results.

One of the advantages of using this dental cleaning is that the equipment sprays dental stones without eroding the surface of the tooth because the technique does not go directly to the tooth but to food waste that has become tartar or dental stones.

In addition, dental cleaning with ultrasound can:

  • Reduce the intervention time since the ultrasound will eliminate tartar more quickly
  • Result in a painless process, which does not cause discomfort during the consultation, although in some cases it can generate dental sensitivity
  • Improve aesthetics once it is demonstrated that this procedure has the ability to remove small spots located on the enamel.

If you are interested in this option for annual cleaning, consult your dentist and talk with him about the pros and cons of the procedure.


Finally, it should be noted that this intervention cannot be substituted for the oral hygiene routine. Therefore, if you choose to have this treatment you should know that at home you will have to continue with the habits related to oral hygiene. And that they are composed of a toothbrush after each meal, or at least twice a day, as well as the use of dental floss is essential in this daily routine. In summary, we can say that professional dental cleaning is a preventive technique that will be of great help when maintaining optimal oral health.



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