5 Tips To Consider While Buying An Amber Anklet

Is your child teething? Have you tried all medical products and none seems to be working for your toddler? Then it’s time to consider buying a homeopathic form of treatment. Here, you not only help your child in relieving teething pain but also soothe them to sleep. There are many forms of homeopathic treatment, but you may choose to focus on teething anklets which is safer compared to a teething necklace. How is this true? It’s because, with an anklet, you get to put a sock over it thus the child isn’t distracted by it. Are you considering buying an anklet? Below we highlight tips to consider while buying one:

  • Choose an anklet with hand tied knots

A teething child places anything and everything in their mouth including their adorable feet. However, while buying an anklet you go for one with hand tied knots between each bead and the fastener. This structure is safe as it makes sure in the event the teething anklet is yanked or pulled, only one bead is loose and not all the beads. However, upon buying please supervise your child when wearing the anklet to act quickly if they put it in their mouth. This is because pediatricians warn against the risk of choking if the beads are put in the baby’s mouth.

  • Look at the fastening clasp

With a teething child, anything they place in the mouth poses a great risk of choking. There are unique designs that will make sure the anklet doesn’t break under stress when the child tries to pull it. Buy an amber teething anklet with a secure magnetic closure or a screw clasp. However, you need to be aware of the cons of each design. With the magnetic closure, it can break easily if the anklet gets entangled with something. An amber product with a screw clasp can majorly work on a necklace, as the child wouldn’t be in a position to remove the necklace off on its own.  

  • Buy an anklet with a safe length

Measure the ankle of your child while selecting an amber teething anklet. If you don’t find the right size one can opt for a necklace. Here, you can select a necklace which is between 12 to 15 inches long as they fit the majority of teething toddlers between 4 months and 3 years. You can then rotate the necklace around the ankle but make sure it’s not too tight to prevent blood flow to your baby’s toes.

  • Choose an anklet with multi-thread string

Buy an anklet with double or triple string cotton thread. This is to make sure they are strong and durable. Single thread anklets tend to break easily if out under pressure and thus a higher risk of choking. To be on the safe side select and anklet that will work for your child

  • Look at the place of origin

With many counterfeit products in the market, the last thing you need is buying a fake product that will endanger the life of your child. It’s vital that you buy the genuine amber anklet from the Baltic region and not an imitation. Countries that produce amber are Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, and Lithuania. Only buy from these countries to reduce the chances of buying fakes. Avoid copal amber by all means as this is not true amber.


Be careful when shopping for an anklet for your child. In as much as you may want to elevate their teething pain and help a toddler have an easy time also look at their safety. The tips highlighted will set you on the right track while buying amber anklets.

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