3 Trends to Watch in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is becoming a part of modern healthcare for many people. Some like to use it as their only form of treatment, while others find it can complement more traditional medical techniques. Being aware of upcoming alternative medicine trends can help people find the treatments that work best for their needs. Here are some exciting options that are predicted to become very popular in the upcoming years.


More and more people are becoming aware of just how much gut bacteria has an effect on health. With studies coming out showing that the bacteria in a person’s intestines can affect their weight, immunity levels, mood, and more, people are starting to realize that they can alter their health by altering their bacteria. It turns out that the bacteria in a person’s stomach releases a variety of hormones and other chemicals, so they can end up affecting all sorts of bodily processes.

By carefully encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria, people hope to improve their overall health. The most popular way of getting healthier bacteria is with the use of simple probiotic pills. Since 2012, the use of these supplements has quadrupled in usage rates. However, supplements are not the only method. You can also find them as a naturally-occurring substance in a variety of fermented foods, including yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha.


Since 2002, adult interest in yoga has more than doubled. This eastern-based form of exercise and meditation is becoming popular due to its ability to provide holistic wellbeing. People who are busy and stressed find yoga very appealing because it can improve both mental and physical health at the same time. Research has found that the deep breathing associated with yoga helps ease depression, and gentle movements can improve flexibility and balance, especially as people age.

Fortunately, getting involved with yoga is easier than ever. Many people still enjoy the traditional class structure, and just about every gym offers yoga classes now. However, you don’t have to pay a lot to try out yoga. Thanks to Youtube and fitness blogs, you can start a yoga routine without ever having to leave the house.

CBD Products

As negative misconceptions about cannabis began to fade, more and more people are starting to take a look at the potential uses of cannabis. A substance of particular interest is CBD, a type of non-psychoactive compound that can provide the perks of cannabis without the high. There have been all sorts of studies showing that people can use CBD products for supporting their wellness in a variety of applications.

As more and more states relax their laws surrounding cannabis and the FDA approves more types of CBD based options, the public interest in CBD is expected to keep on growing. With everyone talking about CBD right now, you have a lot of options available. If you have wanted to give it a try, a good place to start is with CBD capsules that are easy to take and come in various concentrations. This lets you start low and adjust to find the level that works for you. You can also find various tinctures, oils, creams, and even candies that contain CBD.

With all the great alternative options available, it is easy for people to take charge of their own health. Are you going to try any of these exciting new healthcare products?



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