Timeless Engagement Ring Designs That are Breathtaking Worthy

Getting engaged to someone you love is the best feeling ever in this world! Since engagement symbolizes a promise to lifelong companionship, it holds a special place in every girl’s life, and we are sure every girl wants an engagement ring that’s truly special and unique in every possible way. We have put together a list of timeless engagement ring models that you will cherish forever.

1.   Solitaire Ring: You can never go wrong with a solitaire engagement ring. They are charming, classic, and remain a favorite choice for millions around the world. A single diamond in a solitaire ring can be embedded with any diamond shape. From more common round, princess, to even less conventional cuts like pear and marquise, the options are limitless. It even compliments all the metal types like gold, silver, and platinum. Solitaire rings make a perfect choice for everyday wear, and these look beautiful with any outfit that you choose. If you are looking for some design inspiration, then Melorra should be your go-to brand. This website houses some of the finest diamond and gold jewelry that is sure to fit your budget and style.


2.   Opal Engagement Ring: If you are looking for something genuinely distinctive, then an opal engagement ring makes the right pick. Opal gemstone personifies, faithfulness, creativity, and confidence, and reflects the light most spectacularly. You can pick an engagement ring with center opal stone surrounded by tiny sparkling diamonds and you are sure to make heads turn when you walk into a room.


3.   Pearl Engagement Ring: Here is an excellent semi-precious stone that has a versatile appeal to it – pearls! They add an old-world charm to your engagement ring, making you nothing less than a princess on your special day. Pearls have always been associated with royalty, and are enough to make you stand out in the crowd. A lot of celebrities’ days are also turning towards pearls embedded engagement rings as a romantic alternative to diamonds. The subtle sheen of this gemstone brings out the purity of your relationship with your partner. We recommend that you choose rare pink pearls along with diamonds that pairs beautifully with rose gold metal.

4.Plain Gold Bands: If you are someone who believes in keeping it simple, then plain gold couple bands are what you exactly need to seal this deal for life. Modest, eternal, and sturdy is what makes gold bands a preferred selection by several deeply-in-love couples. You can even personalize these bands by engraving the name initials or the engagement date under the ring. A lot of people even like a plain gold band that holds a small diamond in the center. The smooth texture of the gold bands makes it an excellent choice for daily wear, as they don’t get entangled with your dresses, and don’t have sharp edges to be worried about.

You must discuss your choices with your partner, after all, it’s not every day that you get engaged, so it has to be really special. We hope the above list of elegant engagement ring ideas has given you some inspiration.

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