How What Your Baby Eats Impacts Their Health

How What Your Baby Eats Impacts Their Health

Nutrition is important to us all. But for babies within the first six months of infancy, nutrition will lead their development and drive their growth.

That is why it is vital to be conscious of what your baby eats and to understand how it can impact their health.

As a baby continues to grow, their nutritional needs will also evolve. There is an overwhelming number of information out there that advises on what babies need the most when it comes to their nutrition.

We know that as parents, you want the very best for your baby. So to help you give them the healthiest life possible, we’ve rounded up top facts you need to know around how what your baby eats will have a direct correlation to their health. And we will also explain why products like the organic Bobbie baby formula is a great solution for ensuring your baby gets all the vitamins and minerals they need.

Here is everything you need to know about your baby’s eating habits.

  1. The quantity of what they eat will evolve

Just a they grow, the amount of food babies require will also grow. You will also likely notice that as they grow, their food preferences will change. As parents, it is really all about understanding your baby’s needs and their hunger patterns. As long a they are getting a mix of essential vitamins and minerals, you can feel confident that they are getting what they need to grow. And if you are really concerned, go for guaranteed baby formulas that you have confidence in!

  1. Proteins are key for babies

Protein is absolutely paramount for babies to ensure that they are strong and can continue to grow in a healthy way. Organic baby formulas are often a great way to ensure that they are getting a proper daily dose of protein. Strong babies are healthy babies and protein is a sure way to accomplish just that.

  1. Get them all the vitamins

You are never too young to start getting all the vitamins. Babies actually need them the most, as vitamins work hard to help enhance brain development, vision, skin strength and immune system. Vitamins A, B, C, and E—all needed for a baby’s health, can be found in both organic formulas and in fruits and veggies.

  1. Don’t neglect the iron

Iron is one of the most vital nutrients your baby can get! These are normally jam packed in baby formulas and are what enables blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body. With this specific nutrient, your baby will actually be able to store iron within their own body for up to six month! The more iron, the better for your baby!

  1. Go for the omegas

Just as adults need the fatty acids found in omegas, so do babies. Omegas are what really help your baby with their immune system, as chances are they will be exposed to a whole range of health risks that their immune system will need to be strong enough too fight off. They also enhance their development of vision and cognitive state. So go for omegas, your baby needs them!

  1. Zinc is needed to grow

Another important mineral for babies to consume is zinc. It is often jam-packed into baby formulas and is shown to be key in helping babies make proteins and DNA. While they don’t require an overwhelming amount of zinc, it is something that your baby really does need, especially during the early development stages of their life!

  1. Slowly introduce them to solids

While using baby formula for the early stages of your little one’s life is a great way to ensure that they will be getting all the nutrients they need for a healthy life, these same nutrients can be found in solid foods. At some point, your baby will need to begin a transition towards learning to eat (and like) solid foods so they can continue to get nutritional value in their diets as they get older. That is why it is suggested to slowly begin introducing variants of solid foods like fruits, vegetables and meat to your baby. That way it won’t be a struggle when it comes time to take them off the formula!

What your baby eats is very important from day one. The nutrients they get on a daily basis will drive their growth and development, as well as act as one of the best ways to keep them healthy and strong!


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