How To Look Stylish While Traveling

How To Look Stylish While Traveling

Looking stylish doesn’t mean loading up a pile of clothes to pick from – it’s all about doing the best with a few things and keeping your look chic!

Well, why should the “traveling you” be any different than the “fashionista you”? Traveling and stylishness go hand-in-hand!

We have a few tips to keep you looking super stylish while traveling – let’s check them out:

1. Always Wear a Hat

Wearing a hat keeps you cool, protects your hair from the UV rays, and keeps you looking chic! A cute hat can notch up any simple outfit, and make you look like you walked out of the perfect Instagram post!

2. Carry a Tote Bag

Tote bags have evolved into a piece of style statement over the years. Not only are these bags simple and stylish, but they are also eco-friendly, which promotes sustainable fashion. Isn’t it the perfect deal to look stylish while being environmentally conscious even while you travel?

And the best part is – these bags have ample storage so you don’t have to worry about carrying a sling-on bag!

3. Dress Impressively but Comfortably!

While your outfit is entirely YOUR choice, you need to know that no one likes to look at greasy hair or stained sweatpants. Sure comfort comes first, but you don’t have to sacrifice your appearance to be comfortable.

Some stylish yet comfortable outfit combos include:

  • Leggings with a long tee and a printed/patterned scarf

  • Jeggings with a crop-top/ tucked in tee and a nice shawl/ hoodie on top

  • A flowy mid-length dress with comfortable sneakers or moccasins

  • Long skirts with t-shirts or button-down shirts

Of course, there are so many more options out there! Just dress decently – you can wear simple custom screen printed t-shirts with denim jeans as nobody likes looking at bedridden hair or unruly clothes so wearing your own custom-made clothing will make you look amazing

4. Footwear is the Key

We get it – you want to be at ease while you are traveling. But pairing trainers with a regular outfit is one of the worst combinations ever! If you are planning to travel stylishly, then you need to reevaluate your footwear options.

How To Look Stylish While Traveling
How To Look Stylish While Traveling

Some stylish footwear options for traveling are:

  • Converse

  • Flip-flops

  • Pumps

  • Wedge heels

A lot of women feel comfortable wearing heels or just packing them up for an occasion (especially if you’re traveling for a holiday/ honeymoon) so make sure to add in a pair of shoes for the right occasion!

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to wear athleisure only when you’re actually doing something athletic. For example, if you are traveling and plan on hiking/ camping, pack your yoga pants, trainers, and your workout t-shirts. But avoid wearing them while exploring new places – it doesn’t look stylish!

Instead, stick to basic outfits like a white or black t-shirt, a comfortable pair of jeans, and maybe something on top to add color and spark to your look!

5. Accessorize!

Accessorizing takes your whole look from a 0 to 100 real quick! A delicate bracelet, a cute watch, some statement ear studs, and a glitzy necklace scream stylishness. When traveling, it’s best to stick to minimal accessories to create stylishness with subtlety. So keep it simple, but keep it classy!

Some other tips to look fashionable while traveling include rocking a bold lip color, keeping your makeup subtle and natural. When it comes to styling your hair, always go for something that will compliment your outfits like a braid with a sundress and ponytail with a basic tee with jeans kind of a look!

There are so many ways to stay stylish when you are traveling. You don’t even have to spend thousands of bucks on it. Some of the best ways to keep your traveling hassle-free include planning your outfits in advance, investing in the right shoes, and carrying the right essentials!

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