Perfect Gifts for the Photographer


Photographers are lucky to have a wide array of gadgets, accessories and new cameras to feed their hobby. For birthday, holiday or anytime gifts, surprise the photographer in your life with a perfect gift. There are photography gifts available at all price points, so there’s no excuse to scrimp on this. Here are some of the top picks for photogs.


Who doesn’t love a new camera? There’s a wide range of DSLR cameras available for professionals and hobbyists alike. If you know that your photographer has her eye on a new camera, this may make the perfect gift. If you’re unsure what brand to give, you can always give her a gift certificate for a new camera or pick one out yourself and include a gift receipt.

Or you might decide to give a Lomo or other gadget camera to inspire creativity in a new way.

Camera Mounts

Mounts will enhance group shots and photos shot in low light settings or at night. You can even find mounts that are compatible with iPad, iPhone and other smartphone cameras. Camera mounts allow a photographer to mount her camera to a tripod or mic stand. This keeps the body secure, resulting in a stable shot even when the light is low.

Without a mount, images may end up blurry or out of focus. If she does not have a tripod, include one of these with the gift so she can get the most use from the mount.

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Lenses are practical and artful, allowing photographers to zoom in for close-up action shots or wildlife shots or create fun and funky images that distort the angles and perspective of the shot.

While lenses are not cheap, they do make a great investment for any photographer. If yours is a brand loyalist, there’s good news: Many lenses from iconic companies like Canon or Nikon are compatible with SLR and DSLR cameras. This means that photographers can use the same lenses across camera models.


The thin strap that the average DSLR camera is sold with is generally not hardy enough for the serious photographer. Surprise her with a thick, sturdy camera strap in her favorite color. Look for a strap long enough to go over one shoulder and across her torso, so that she can wear the camera over her shoulder or back.

This leaves her hands free to pose models or set up a shot, yet keeps the camera within close reach for those impromptu shots. Since straps come in all different variations, it is easy to find one for every style of camera. These cost less than other camera accessories, a nice bonus for shoppers on a budget.

Perfect Gifts
Perfect Gifts for the Photographer

Novelty Gifts

If the photog in your life already has everything, don’t panic: Novelty gifts offer something fun and photo-focused. You can go the traditional gag gift routine and look for shot glasses, socks or lens mugs.

Yet you’ll also find DSLR camera novelty items including pocket spotlights, speed readers, bokeh kits, Holga lenses and filters and more. There is bound to be something your photographer will enjoy – and does not own already.

With so many options to choose from, shopping for this gift will be fun. Who knows, shopping for the perfect photography gift just might inspire you to upgrade your equipment!

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