6 Interesting Nails Facts You Need To Know

6 interesting nails facts

Internet influencers are going crazy over decorating the tiniest possible part of the body- nails! But, before you hop onto any fashionista trends, are you aware of the fact that Men’s nails grow faster than women’s nails or that toenails could be twice as thicker as fingernails? Well, we have got you some intriguing and mind-boggling 6 interesting nails facts. Read on to never miss an insight into the human body. 

Facts About Nails

Fingernails Grow Quicker Than Toenails

Toenails develop much more slowly than fingernails. They expand at an average of 1.62 millimeters per month. Furthermore, it can take up to a year and a half for a lost toenail to completely grow back. That’s three times as long as your fingernail would take to grow back. This is due to the fact that toenails typically suffer less damage than fingernails do. Although you may occasionally stub your toe, this brief increase in blood flow will not have any long-term effects.

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Toenails Are Thicker Than Fingernails

Toenails are thickened by friction and fungus. Because they are at the end of the human body where the body bears its weight, toenails are subjected to a lot of pressure from shoes, socks, and other footwear. They are two to three times thicker than fingernails, but they are made of the same dead skin tissue as fingernails.

Men’s Nails Speed Up More Than Women’s Nails

Gender, hormones, the weather, and hand activity all influence the rate of nail growth. Each month, fingernails grow about 3.5 millimeters on average. Actually, women’s nails grow later than men’s.

There Is A Maximum Nail Length Range

Finger Length Maxima (FLM) typically develops between the ages of 18 and 24 for both male and female hands. An individual who was over 80 years old has the longest nails that have ever been measured in humans! Although each person’s maximum finger length varies significantly, it is generally safe to assume that the majority of people’s fingernails will not exceed their FLM. 

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The Dominant Hand Has Longer Nails Than The Other One

It is said that using your dominant hand more frequently causes your nails to grow faster. This makes you more likely to suffer an injury, such as hitting your nail with a hammer or catching your nail on a snag. Your body will naturally send more blood and nutrients to the area to help it heal in the event of trauma.

Nails Grow Faster In Summers Than In Winters

Vitamin D levels drop as a result of less sun exposure, but our eating habits may also shift during the winter. Warmer meals tend to focus more on carbs, which may result in lower vitamin levels—vitamins are necessary for healthy nail growth—in us. Nail growth requires a number of vitamins, including vitamins A, C, D, and B12, which may fluctuate during the colder months due to changes in diet during the winter. Therefore, fewer vitamins result in slower nail growth.

6 interesting nails facts

Myths About Nails Believed As Facts:

  • Cutting your cuticles can speed up their growth: This is a fact because it is true. If you cut your cuticles, those annoying hang nails and extra skin around the edge of your nails will grow back faster. However, so long as you are not causing any damage to the area around your nails, it is not necessarily a “bad” thing.
  • Your weak nails will get stronger if you eat gelatin: Although we are all aware that keratin, a protein found in nails, is also a component of gelatin, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that gelatin can strengthen nails.
  • Chemical-laden nail products should be avoided: Chemicals are in almost everything around us. Since the majority of nail consumables are petroleum byproducts, there is no chemical-free nail product. There is no organic nail product that can last three weeks on your nails.


1.What are the 5 functions of the nail?

The delicate tips of the fingers and toes are protected by nails.

2. Who made the first nail?

When exactly nails were created is unknown. Having said that, archaeologists have discovered nails in Egypt that date back approximately 3,400 B.C.

3. Do hair and nails grow at the same rate?

Each month, fingernails grow about 1/8 of an inch. At a rate of about 1/16 of an inch per month, toenails develop more slowly than fingernails. On the other hand, hair grows much more quickly: approximately 14 to 12 inches each month, or up to 6 inches annually.

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