How To Type With Long Nails: Guide

how to type with long nails

Long nails is style check in my list, but it certainly makes other other things difficult, especially when its about typing your messages on phones or writing emails. As a result, I end up cutting them short.

But, this time, I didn’t give up and figured out some really useful hacks for girls like me. Let’s check them out today in the good read to keep our shiny nails length intact.

Nail Shapes And How They Affect Your Typing Speed

Round Nails

These types of nails are the best option for beginners. Since they are almost similar to our natural nail shape, they make it a little easier to get used to having long nails. You can use acrylics with round nails and once you have gotten used to them, you can switch to other shapes. 

Oval Nails

These types of nails are a step ahead of round shaped nails. Since they are longer and wider than round nails, they can make it a little difficult to type with them. With practice and regular use, you will get used to typing with these in no time, which will make it easier to longer nails in the future. 

Stiletto Nails

As the name suggests, these nails are pointy and long and happen to make it difficult to do even the most basic task. But these nails are not very wide which means that fortunately, their narrow shape actually helps more than hinders in typing. It means it is not very difficult to type with these and you will not have to worry about pressing the wrong key every time you have to type something on your phone.

Square Nails

It becomes clear from their name itself that these nails are going be wide which becomes an issue while typing, especially fast typing,  because you could keep hitting multiple keys at the same time, leading to errors in texts and emails. To manage these, try going slow with typing and practice so that you get used to them soon. 

Coffin Nails

These type of nails are tapered, which makes them wide on the side as well as long so it is better to use them once you have become a pro at typing and doing chores with long nails on. 

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Easiest Nails To Type With

Nails with a shorter length or round or oval shape are the easiest to type with. They prevent you from pressing multiple keys at the same time. They also are less likely to chip or make noise while typing. 

How To Type With Long Nails On Keyboards?

In today’s era, we cannot do without our smart phones and laptops. Several times a day, we have to type out texts, emails, and other notes. At the same time, if we like having long nails why do we have to compromise between efficiency and taste? If you are also someone who has a job that requires efficient typing skills and love having trendy and long nails, here are a few tips to make it easier for you:

Pick The Right Nail Shape

You get acrylics in several shapes such as round, oval, stiletto, square, almond etc. it is important that you choose the right nail shape for you so that it doesn’t make your job more difficult. Especially if you are a beginner, try getting nail shapes such as oval or round shaped nails rather than narrow or pointy shapes like stiletto nails or wider nails like square nails, since they don’t make it as difficult to type on keyboards. 

Retrain Your Hands

Typing with long nails can take some getting used to. You might find yourself making mistakes and having to correct them again and again because you keep pressing multiple or wrong keys on your keyboard. To resolve this issue, you need to practice typing slower so that you get used to the nails. Also, you can try to type using the center of your fingers instead of the tips or nails. This will protect the nails from any damage and makes typing easier.

Type Like A Pianist

When a pianist plays, their hands remain still while their fingers move flexibly on the keys of the piano. In order to retrain your hands with long nails, try to be gentler while typing. Also, keep your hand and finger movements to a low and make your fingers more flexible. This will help in preventing your nails from getting caught in something. 

Use A Gentle Touch

It is important to be gentle while typing rather than pressing on the keys with your nails sharply. Try being slow and gentle with the keys and you will see how it benefits your typing accuracy. 

Keep Good Posture

While typing, maintain a good posture with your back and neck while keeping your hands parallel to the keyboard. This will help in typing with the pads of your fingers easily rather than the tips or nails. The rule of good posture should also be followed even if you do not have long nails. 

Find The Right Gear

Learning to type accurately can take some time and it is important that you have the right gear for this that takes are of your nails, hands and wrist. For this purpose, there are several options available in the market such as QWERTY keyboard, shorthand keyboard and other options. Make sure you choose what is best for you.  

how to type with long nails

Additional Nail Life Hacks

Life with acrylic nails can become a little hard not only when the simplest tasks become difficult but when you have to prevent them from damage to. Here are a few hacks to use in daily life with long nails:

  • Use the nails as scoop for efficiently spreading products like moisturizer on your palm for application. 
  • Never use your nails to pop open soda cans. Use other objects like pen, a credit card etc. 
  • Use gloves when dealing with something that can be easily damaged like stockings or a dress made out of a delicate fabric. 
  • Ask the nail technician to make your index finger and thumb nails shorter than the rest so that you can you can type easily with your thumb or do things like putting on contacts easily. 
  • Don’t wear jewelery with tiny clasps unless you have someone around to help you put in on. Try hoop or elastic jewelery instead.

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1. How to do things with long nails? 

Some hacks that help to do things with long nails are using the pads of fingers for typing, knuckles for scooping things, putting on gloves,  or using a pen, fork, tweezers and other tools like these to make life easier. 

2. Is it hard to type with fake nails?

Typing with fake nails can seem difficult at first but with practice, you will get used to it so that it becomes easier with time. 

3. Does nail length affect typing speed?

Having longer bails can slow your typing speed in the beginning. With practice and over time, you will get used to it and get back your typing speed. Also, using the pads of fingers instead of nails helps in typing faster. 

4. How do you tap your keyboard with long nails?

While tapping on your keyboard can be difficult with long nails, you can use the pads of your fingers to touch the key instead of the nails. 

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