5 big-ticket items you’ll need for a new baby

From birthing plans to home adaptations and even choosing names, there’s so much to think about
when you have a new baby on the way. If it’s your first, you’ll have plenty of items to add to a
shopping list too.
A baby’s first year is estimated to cost around £6,000 on average. So while there are some things you
may be able to borrow from friends or family, you might need to take stock of your finances before the
little one arrives.
Not every new baby product is worth splashing out on – yet some very much are. Below are five big-
ticket items that are worth investing in.

A quality crib

First up is your baby’s crib. You’ll want to make sure it adheres to British Safety Standards at the very
least, while also assessing features such as storage and whether it can convert into a toddler bed.
A good second-hand crib could do the job, but it’s worth buying a new mattress in order to limit the
risk of SIDS.

A smart monitor

As much as you might want to, you won’t be able to spend every minute of the day by your baby’s
side. A quality monitor will allow you to keep tabs on them while you keep busy or relax in other
Smart monitors come with clear video and sleep tracking features to give you ultimate peace of mind.

A sturdy pram

Prams are often among the most expensive items for new parents but can be worth every penny.
Look out for a sturdy frame and a set of wheels that will handle different terrains, plus ample storage
for all your baby’s extras.
Vented canopies, adjustable handlebars and adjustable seats can all be crucial too.

A practical baby bag

As a parent, you’re going to get used to carrying a lot of stuff, a lot of the time. Finding a strong and
practical baby bag will help to make all your journeys a lot comfier and more convenient.
Check for compartments for nappies, bottles, spare clothes and more. Consider whether a backpack,
shoulder strap or hand-carried option would work best for you.

A safe car seat

A safe and light car seat is a necessity even if you only use a car infrequently. They can come cheap
if you’re looking to save, but spending more will get you comfortable materials, extra safety features
and better portability.
Some are compatible with prams too if you’re looking for extra flexibility when out and about.
If you’re not sure where to start, using this baby costs calculator could help you pull together a
realistic budget.

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