The Importance of Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

The Importance of Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Your website works fine on a desktop computer, so is it necessary for it to be mobile-friendly? If you don’t think it is important to have a website that can be easily accessed on a mobile device, think again.

According to a study performed by Compuware and posted in an article titled “What Users Want from Mobile,” an astonishing 57 percent of mobile users said they would not consider recommending a business that did not have a good mobile website.

The study further stated that 40 percent of mobile users would go to a competitor’s site if they had an unpleasant experience on another mobile site. If this is not enough to convince you that a mobile-friendly website is important, read on to learn more.

Facts about Mobile Device Users

Over 10 million individuals currently buy products and/or services on a smartphone.

Approximately 50 percent of Internet searches performed for services and/or products are conducted on a mobile device.

Advantages of Having a Mobile Website

If you provide visitors using a mobile device with a pleasant experience, they can easily become future customers. A mobile-friendly website loads quickly and looks good on a smaller screen. Visitors will be interested in your business and may even recommend your products or services to friends and family members.

You can reach many more prospective customers with a mobile-friendly website than if you only have a site that will work well on a desktop computer. There are a greater number of people acquiring smartphones and tablets today than ever before, and you will be cutting your business off from those users if you do not have a site that will work well on mobile devices.


Regardless of where a user may be, he or she can access your site and acquire pertinent information or even place an order.

Your business will be completely up-to-date with a mobile site. You can edge out your competition by having a website that can be easily accessed on any type of mobile device.

What Does a Website need to be Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile users are busy and do not want to wait for your site to load. If you do not have a site that loads quickly on a mobile unit, you can easily lose customers.

Keep the buttons on your mobile-friendly site large enough to be easy to use. On the same note, the text should also be large enough to read easily on a smaller screen. Order forms should be simple to fill out and not require a great deal of information that will take time to complete.

Be certain to put contact information on your mobile website so that visitors in your area can pay you a visit while they are out and about. Include your street address and phone number, and it might also be beneficial to include mapped-out directions to your business.

There are many benefits to having a mobile-friendly website, especially if you want to reach a larger audience and increase the turnover of your business.

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