Best video slots payout rates

Aside from free spins and other bonuses, the payout rate is something that many players look for when deciding which video slot to play. Things such as the RTP can inform players what sort of payout rate they can expect to see.

What to Look For 

When deciding which video slot to use based on payout rates that it offers, there are several things which players must look at. The first of these things is the RTP of the slot, this stands for return to player and it can usually be found in the paytable of the slot. This RTP is a percentage that tells players how much return they can expect to receive over a period of time. Players should also check what the volatility of the slot is, the lower the volatility the less risk is involved. Slots with a high level of volatility will payout on a much more inconsistent basis, if a player is searching for consistent wins then they are better off using a slot with lower volatility. 

Video Slots with Great Payout Rates

Video slots are incredibly popular amongst players, the following video slots are well known for their great payout rates. 

  •     Monopoly Big Event is a video slot that is incredibly popular with players, it is based on the classic board game and it uses amazing graphics to immerse players into the style of the game. This slot has a staggering 99% RTP!
  •     Tropical Reels is the perfect slot for the warmer months of the year, players can relax with the amazing  and fruit filled gameplay which transports them to a tropical paradise, there is also an alluring RTP of 98.95%!

Be Aware

When searching for a video slot with a great payout rate, there are several things that players need to be aware of. Ignoring the following things, could lead players to making the wrong decision. 

  1. There are no guarantees – No matter how great the payout potential of a slot sounds, players need to remember that there are no guarantees when playing. Thanks to the RNG, the outcome of a slot spin is always randomly determined. This means that there is nothing that players can do to influence it.
  2. High payout doesn’t mean high reward – Players need to remember that even if a slot is paying out on a consistent basis, this doesn’t mean that the amounts that the slot is paying out will be high. Generally, the more consistently a slot pays out the less the amount will be.
  3. Have fun – One of the main things that you need to remember whilst playing, have fun! Try not to take the game so seriously, you may find that you become frustrated as a result. Keep positive and have fun to guarantee a more enjoyable experience. 

Final Thoughts  

A video slot with great payout potential is something that all players look for. When finding a slot with great payout potential, players need to look at the RTP of a game and see what volatility it has.

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