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Why Your Next Bathroom Radiator Should Be Electrical


There’s a silent electric revolution going on in bathrooms around the country. People are saying bye-bye to their old radiators and swapping them for sleek new electric models. It isn’t simply a case of getting an electric radiator because it’s exciting and a little bit different. If you’re reading this and thinking why you would ever need an electric radiator in your bathroom or what benefits it could ever provide, I have the answers!

Here is why your next bathroom radiator probably should be electric. 


Dedicated heating 

Which room in your home is the last to get warm when heating is on? The one where you can hear the water coming through the radiator a half-hour after every other radiator is warm? If you find that your bathroom has heating issues or is the slowest to get warm, you might have grown used to the inconvenience of chilly bathrooms in the morning. That doesn’t need to happen.


Electric radiators are completely independent of your heating system. They contain a heating element and reactive fluid, only requiring a flick of the switch (or timer) to get going. Why would you want an independent radiator? It will come in extremely handy if you want a toasty bathroom in the morning before going to work and hate the idea of wasting home heating in other rooms – you know you would never walk room by room every night to turn radiators off, so just ensuring your bathroom stays warms at key periods of the day is an easier solution.


Quicker heating

Again, with electric radiators being standalone, you’re looking at a radiator that can get to temperature faster. This allows you to have the radiator on for shorter bouts and know that it will get a room just right. I would recommend, though, that you have an understanding of the heating requirements for a room. Electric radiators don’t match the heat output of their traditional counterparts by size, so find out how much heat a bathroom needs (look for heating calculators online) before you pick a size.


Fancier heating

With electric radiators working differently, it means that radiator designs can be a bit more exciting than a normal panel radiator on a wall. Just look at some of the unique designs here at Trade Radiators. The stock electric bathroom radiators in a range of styles and finishes, with some stunning traditional models that come with a little towel rail on top too. 


Cheaper Heating

Always think of an electric radiator as an option in rooms as and when you need it. For example, bathrooms only tend to be used first thing in the morning and last thing at night, so would you need to have a radiator on throughout the day. They’re also typically one of the smallest rooms at home, meaning you can have them on for shorter bouts and still get the desired result of a warm bathroom. Weigh up whether it will prove cheaper in the long-run to use electric over traditional heating.

These are just a few reasons why it may be worth having electric radiators in your bathroom. Just remember that placement is important as you need to have dedicated connections. With electric radiators in place, there’s no longer any need for pipes protruding from the floor.

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