Why we need to choose the shampoo which is perfect for all hair types

What to look for when choosing a good shampoo? This is a question often arises when we want to buy the best hair care products. For the stylist, the fundamental thing is to see how your hair type is – if you have an oily scalp, if it is dry, if it is curly, if you have it fine if you have it discolored, if you want it with volume or if you have it dyed. The issue of color must be taken into account by certain particularities. With the right shampoo, you can correct the color. Here, we will discuss a few basic facts which will help you to buy the best shampoo for your hair type.

Which one is the perfect shampoo for you?

To the professional, a good shampoo has to wash the scalp and hair well. That is, if you have the oily root and dry ends, do not use an ultra-moisturizing shampoo – even if it is dyed – because what you need is a shampoo that conditions the scalp, and does not hydrate it anymore. Or, if you have a color hair, and want to protect your hair color while simply washing the scalp, you will need a shampoo which ha color lock technology. This is why you need to use Paul Mitchell super skinny serum. It protects the hair color and offers up to 15 times less breakage. It is the best product for color-treated hair. An ideal choice for brunettes, rejuvenates our hair, lower brassy tones, etc.

Why don’t I finish feeling it clean, despite washing it?

Who is to blame, us or the shampoo? If your hair is caked after washing it is because you have used a shampoo too moisturizing for your hair type. But there are more reasons. It may also be that you have washed it badly or used more than the required amount, and have not cleared it well which is a mistake that many people make. But, what about washing the hair? Should we wash it every day? We should wash the hair with Matrix blue shampoo as much as we need it. And, at this point, it clarifies that if you do sports every day or have a tendency to grease, nothing happens to wash it daily. Simply choose the most appropriate shampoo for your hair, and try to damage it as little as possible with the dryer.

Mask as a conditioner, yes or no?

Another of the great questions of humanity. There are many people that a conditioner is not enough for their hair type. You will be reassured to know that current masks are designed to be 2 or 3 minutes in the hair without having to keep them overnight. Ideally, every time you wash, use conditioner and once a week. But, when it comes to another point, Sulfate, and paraben, we must choose the shampoo carefully.

Sulfate shampoos are becoming little demons filled with red labels. Its use depends on the hair. Sulfate shampoos sometimes wash your hair much better if you have oily hair. If you are lucky enough to have a wonderful man that hardly needs anything, you can also use it with sulfates, and moisturizing agents. However, it should also be added that specific problems such as allergies or reactive tendencies of the scalp collide frontally with this type of shampoos. In this case, you can use Matrix Haircare Products without sulfates, and with natural ingredients.

Silicone-free shampoo

Normally in hairdressing, experts usually give two “shampoos”. Although, the expert recommends that if washing is frequent – every day – at home, give only one. Water temperature is also important. It affects fat levels, and blood circulation in the scalp and root. Warm water is the best for washing. Of course, the last rinse, better with cold water. It shines and seals the cuticles that opened the hot water to penetrate the product. If they are sealed, the result will be more effective.

When you wash your hair, remember how saloon experts do it – first apply the shampoo, then a little water to activate, and massage in a circular way – do not rub. Today’s shampoos are designed in such a way so that after application, they are activated with water, and with a circular massage, it can drag all the impurities. Beware of wet hair. You always have to untangle before wetting your hair. In the wet state, the hair can be split. Brush your hair before washing it.

And finally, use conditioner after shampoo. You may feel dirty hair even though you wash it, and the reality is that pollution is affecting hair a lot. In that aspect, you must choose a shampoo that protects your hair for 24 hours from any damages.





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