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Why Rehab Works for So Many Addicts


Do rehabs really work? Are they worth the cost? These are the real questions that every drug addict and their family members struggle with each time they’re looking for a long-lasting solution. Well, these questions emerge because the media has never done a great job in depicting rehab programs as accurately as they are, thanks to myopic movies like 28 Days.

For those that are on the fence, take a look at some data proving that rehab centers actually work for many addicts:

  • A Butler Center for Research study at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation revealed that about 89% of the patients who successfully complete alcohol rehab programs remain sober after discharge.
  • 41% of the individuals who get into medication-assisted treatments (MAT) targeting opioid detox achieve abstinence successfully.


In essence, rehabs with alcohol addiction treatment programs are only designed to provide the right tools and resources to the individuals struggling with drug use and abuse to overcome addiction. Here are the reasons why rehabs work for so many patients. Learn more here how rehabs like The Edge Treatment could be so beneficial for your journey back to a sober life.

The Alcohol Addiction Treatment Recovery Is On the Patient’s Terms

Rehab programs will allow you to choose the treatment path. No one dictates you to do with anything that you aren’t willing to do. You are not tied to a cookie-cutter treatment plan. Indeed you can work with the rehab staff to adopt a personalized plan that’ll address your needs in most cases.

Rehab Centers Provide a Safe and Supportive Environment

The fact that patients in a rehab center (both inpatient and outpatient) will be in a safe and supportive environment reveals why they work for many addicts. They’ll be surrounded by professionals who deeply understand what everyone is going through.  

Further, they will have peer support groups that offer the necessary encouragement and accountability to help them in the sobriety process.


They May Receive Outpatient Treatment If Necessary 

The individual who seeks to recover may opt for home-based treatments if the physical facility doesn’t give them optimal results or isn’t possible. Even though it may take longer to recover, you’ll receive optimal care. 

These Centers Offer Multiple Treatments and Therapies

Rehab centers work with the awareness that addiction presents in mental, psychological, and physical dimensions. These centers offer treatment programs aimed at meeting the needs in these three dimensions. 

On the other hand, the therapies adopted in rehab centers aim to help the patient discover their emotional triggers and the most effective ways of developing healthy coping mechanisms. Some of the treatment therapies that addicts are exposed to in rehab centers will include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Integrative approaches
  • Contingency management
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Community reinforcement and family training
  • Multidimensional family therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy


The Formation of Healthy Habits

The treatment plans adopted in rehab centers are meant to help the patient get better. In this case, the caregivers will develop treatment regimes that foster healthy habits that steer overall wellbeing. 

Basically, the patient will be encouraged to develop alternatives to addiction, like setting the time for sleeping, eating, recreation, and physical exercise, which add structure to life.  

Rehabilitation facilities can be the best treatment centers for people struggling with addiction. 

Indeed, statistics prove that rehab facilities are effective. 

From 24/7 medical assistance and supportive environments to programmed therapies and treatment regimes, rehabs make the healing process more efficient than walking alone.

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