Which slot games are a good option for high rollers? 

High rollers are categorised as players who consistently wager a high amount of money. These high rollers often bet big and expect to win an even bigger reward. In cinema, these types of gamblers are portrayed as living a life of wealth and class, often turning up to casinos in limousines.

While the reality isn’t quite like that, high rollers do exist in gambling communities. Betting big can yield big rewards in games such as Blackjack or Poker. With King Casino slots, being a high roller is no guarantee of success, many of those who win life changing sums of money are often betting a very small amount. 

High Rollers and Slots 

On face value, slots may not seem to be a good option for high roller players. The RNG would seem to favour those who bet low amounts, this is shown by the high number of slot jackpot winners who only bet a small amount. However high rollers shouldn’t turn away from slot games, instead high rollers should be looking at specific slot titles that would suit their style of gameplay.

High rollers would favour slots which have a high volatility, as this means that the slot is more likely to give players a larger amount when it eventually pays out. High rollers should also look for slots which have a progressive jackpot, this type of jackpot favours high rollers because it tends to be larger than the usual slot payout and it sometimes increases depending on the size of a players bet.

If you are having difficulty finding a slot then you will find some games below which will suit high roller players. 

Bonanza Megaways 

This slot has an unlimited maximum payout, which is sure to set the pulses of high roller players racing. Though it has a relatively small maximum bet size, at twenty pounds, don’t let that put you off from enjoying this slot from developer Big Time Gaming. Bonanza Megaways is often considered a favourite among high roller players and for good reason, it offers an amazing 117,649 different ways to win! If that’s not enough then players can also enjoy the amazing bonus features of Bonanza Megaways, you could trigger free spins, retriggers as well as increasing and unlimited multipliers! 

Space Wars 

Though this slot is considerably older than Bonanza Megaways, Space Wars proves is just as good as modern games thanks to its maximum payout and high RTP. NetEnt have created a slot that has an enduring appeal among high rollers, the maximum bet is two hundred pounds, considerably larger than Bonanza Megaways. Although it doesn’t have an unlimited potential payout, Space Wars does offer a maximum payout of four hundred thousand pounds! 


High rollers can enjoy slot games just as much as regular players. Just be sure to correctly research the slot before choosing to play it, look out for things such as high volatility, progressive jackpots and the maximum bet and payouts.