What You Need to Know About Coffee Clubs

So you heard a friend or two talking about coffee clubs and coffee subscriptions, and it sounds good enough to try. The problem is you’re not sure what coffee clubs are, more so how to get into one. Here’s what you need to know before jumping in. 

What’s a coffee subscription?

Coffee subscriptions are basically like any other monthly payments you have. The Specialty Coffee Club of your choosing delivers the bag of beans to your home every month.  

More and more people are choosing to get a subscription as it’s a cheaper and more convenient way of getting coffee.

What’s a coffee club?

Coffee clubs are usually the ones that offer coffee subscriptions. You can find coffee clubs online or in your neighborhood if there is one. 

Since coffee beans different, clubs typically have their specialty. If you like the coffee they’re selling; you would have to join their club to enjoy the perks of the subscription.

What to Look for in Coffee Clubs

Now, before you start joining clubs and getting subscriptions, here are a few tips to help you get the best experience:

  1. What’s the Coffee Like? – Aside from coffee giving you the energy you need to get through the day, coffee also comes with benefits like protection against diabetes, liver cancer and diseases, and promotion of a healthy heart.

Since you’re going to stick with this coffee every day; check what the club has to offer. Know where the coffee is from, and whether you can customize the coffee according to your taste. 

  1. Where’s the Club? – There are tons of Specialty Coffee Clubs in the market today, primarily online. A particular club might catch your attention. When this happens, the first thing you have to look at is where they deliver. 

You don’t want to get all excited when joining a club, only to find out that they don’t deliver in your place. Check before you start adding to your cart.

  1. Look for Options – As mentioned above, there are tons in the market, so don’t just stick with one, especially if you’re new. Do your part of research on different clubs. Check out the prices and products they have and compare them to others.

If you find something better, then go for that instead. You don’t have to settle for less, and you don’t want to wish you had gone for something else.

  1. Check the Customer Service – A Specialty Coffee Club subscription is something you’ll have for months, maybe even years if the coffee is good. And you’ll need to call for updates or change of brand if you need to.

A business’s customer service will determine how much they care for you as a customer. You don’t want to be in the wrong hands if you’re going to commit.

  1. Check Yourself – Ask yourself how much coffee do you need? Do you drink 3 cups or more a day? Do you find yourself quickly running out of coffee each month, or are you the total opposite?

Doing so will help you establish how much coffee you need and how often you need it delivered at your home. Figuring the amount of coffee you need will help you not have too much coffee, and you won’t spend much either. 

Joining a coffee club is entirely up to you. What you decide will determine the coffee that you’ll get every month, and the important thing is that your bag of beans is what you precisely want.

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