What to Wear With Capri Pants – A Checklist!

Gone are the days when not many individuals paid attention to their outfits. Today, people have become more attentive about what they wear. Also, clothing has evolved with time. Now you can find a myriad of options that didn’t exist in the past. From regular outfits to unusual clothing, the choices are virtually limitless. Capri pants are a special mention here. Individuals of all genders prefer these lovely legwear pieces. However, many folks don’t know what to wear with capri pants. Let’s find out how to style this outfit.

What to wear with capri pants?

A substantial number of people have a knack for wearing capri pants. These short-leg wear pieces accentuate your persona on the go. However, most individuals don’t know how to style those pants. Many of them choose regular accessories, but that gives an awkward look. Here’s what to put on with these lovely pants.

Put on loose upper wear

Today, a majority of individuals prefer tighter shirts or skirts. If you’re one such fashion fanatic, check your style. Tighter outfits go well with full pants. However, they don’t look great with capri pants. You need something unique that will tweak your persona and align well with these short pants.

Usually, loose shirts or t-shirts work fine for capri pants. They uplift the pants while covering most parts of your upper body. Such an option gives the illusion of contrast. A combination of long outfits with short pants presents a better contrast and makes you a focal point of attraction even from a distant place.

Wear a jacket

Some folks don’t like loose outfits. They prefer tighter clothes all the time. From official occasions to casual events, they put on tight clothing. What if you come in this category? If so, have a jacket to match the situation. Although capri pants don’t work fine for tighter outfits, jackets overcome this hurdle. Cover your short or tight shirts with a jacket. Be sure you don’t zip the jacket. Leave it open. Such an arrangement will conceal the tightness. Plus, it’ll ornament your pants and give a much better look.


Many people are of the view that long shoes align better with capri pants. However, that’s far from the truth. Such shoes only conceal the beauty of the pants. So, never run for long shoes. Flat sandals or shoes make the right choice. Make sure you choose sandals/shoes that match the color of the pants.

Other accessories

Styling your pair of capri pants finishes at this point. However, some fashion enthusiasts would like to add more. If you’re one such fanatic, consider a scarf or a handbag. Carrying one or both of these items will work great. You may go after a matching or a contrasting theme. The choice is all yours.

Bottom line

What to wear with Capri pants can be a big question. However, you may answer this question with the varied styling options detailed above. With so many varieties, you won’t run out of choices when wearing Capri pants.


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