What to do with Old Underwear & Socks

what to do with old underwear
                                                what to do with old underwear

Oh dear underwear’s what do I when you get old? This is what we all juggle about when undies are torn or not needed or to old to handle. What all comes to our mind when old undies are taking that extra space in the rack? Give them away , but the question is to whom and how and where exactly to give?

What to do with Old Underwear

Can you donate underwear ?

Donate your underwear: Did you know this in years that you could DONATE your undies/underwear . If they are in good condition, you can surely donate. The elastic is properly intact and the undies are stainless, find the nearest donation centre and drop them.

Use them as dusting cloth: I know sometimes it is awkward but you just can’t throw 100% cotton undies. We mostly keep thinking what to do with old underwear, so here is the solution, keep them for cleaning racks or cars.

Compost your underwear: Another amazing concept to get rid of your old undies in an organic way is that you can remove the elastic and compost them. This is only possible if your underwear is 100% cotton. So double check before you compost them.

Pillow stuffing: you cant even think what we come up with, yesss, you can stuff all your undies and make a nice stuffing for your new pillow.

Use them as plant holder: you got some G strings also? Great, now use them as plant holders, G string makes a perfect plant holder.

Make hair tie scrunchies:  If you have lacy underwear so the best you can do is make hair tie scrunchies out of them, you can watch DIY videos regarding the same.

Make scrubbing sponge: Be it cotton or any other fabric, you can make a scrubbing sponge  by adding old cotton socks in it and stitching the corners. It makes a great  scrubbier.

Make patches: If your undies or underwear are lacy, you can cut them into pieces and store for DIY’s later , that can be used in making of skirts , bags or much more.

Make a quilt: If you have boxers then cut them out in big pieces and make a quilt cover out of them. This look amazing and its one of my favourite hack.

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Other than underwear we have a lot of other stuff at home that leaves us clueless like socks, yes what you generally do with the socks when the elastic gets loose like an old skin?

Throwing them in garbage is not the only solution. We are coming up with some wicked DIY which you will love.

How to use your old or unmatched socks?

what to do with old socks
                        what to do with old socks

Cover your golf or tennis balls:
Best ever way to use old pair of socks is to use them as tennis ball storage or to cover your golf, it will help in keeping them away from dust and intact. 

Use socks as scrubber: You can also use them as scrubber, all you need to do is put washing soap or soap liquid and scrub articles.

Store shoes: It’s a great way to keep the shoes clean and scratch free, while keeping them in cupboard or in luggage while travelling, you can use them as a shoe cover.

Keep marble together: If you are a parent, you exactly know what a mess is like, gathering kids marbles or playing pebbles is a task, so why not to use old socks as a storage for them? Yes, try this today.

Make them knee pads: your kid started crawling lately, keep their knees cushioned with your old cotton socks, simply cut the end so that you can roll it on your kid knees easily and you are sorted.

Decorate plant pots: here is of the most beautiful idea to apply, decorations with your with your socks, make a hole in the end and drag them up on the pot and there you go.

Game storage: Do you have the puzzle pieces lying here and there all in you kids room and hard to find small boxes for that? There you are, get those old socks and make them a storage for puzzle pieces.

Dish washer: put in your hand in the socks and take liquid soap onto it and scrub your dished for quick washing.

Make socks bun: beach time and you want to make a neat bun, time for DIY, cut the end of the socks, roll it and make a round band. There is your all new socks bun band from your old socks.

Make soft toys: yes, you can make soft toys from your old socks. Just fill in cotton and give them shape, you can also decorate them with ribbons.

You could do so much with your old underwear or socks which you threw away, but never too late, try these and post lovely pictures in comments with your name and country.

What to do with Old Underwear
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What to do with Old Underwear
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