What to do with Old Bras

What to do with Old Bras ??

Instead of throwing old bras in the trash, it is a good idea to recycle them once you are done with them. Slightly worn out bras is not perfect to be used; there are many creative hacks to reuse them.

Finding innovative ways to recycle waste materials like bras is not less than a challenge. Once we are through with the old bras, we start thinking what to do with old bras? How to recycle them; right? So to help you out with this, we have listed out some of the unique and creative hacks to repurpose old bras into things you can wear and use again.

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Ways to use old bras:

Recycling and reusing old bra is the best answer to the question what to do with old bras. There are various hacks that can be tried to recycle or reuse them in daily life.

Some of the popular hacks are listed below –

  1. Classify your bra – You can take up your strapless bra and glue it with different studs or stylish patches. The prepared bra can be used upon a tank top with sleeveless low shoulders which will seem classy yet stylish and you will have an absolutely new product to style with.

  1. It can be a bikini for you – As per Guinness book of world records, a bikini is considered to be one of the costly dresses.

You can take up your old bra cover it with a cloth with print suiting your style and change the strap with that matching your bra cover and the new laced bra will turn out to be your new bikini look.

  1. The stylish bow looks – Cut the straps of your bra and stitch it with a stylish lace or use a trendy cloth to make a thin strap. Wear it with a backless dress and form it as a bow it will add to your style icon.

  1. Couple it with your dress – Single pieces are all time favorite for girls; finding a suiting bra for it is an issue. You can cut the straps out of your bra and stitch it along with your dress. In that case, it will be classy yet comfortable and you will not have to strap it up anymore making you comfortable yet confident.

  1. Make it all lacy – You can redesign your bra by cutting the straps and attaching classy laces around it. It can also be used as a crop top which will give a hot and trendy look.

  1. Make a purse out of it – Hold up the cups together, lace it well and form a clutch purse look out of it.

  1. Bra to swimsuit top – if you have a worn out bra, then turn it into a swimsuit top. Replace the straps with a halter tie and cover the remaining part with water friendly fabric of your choice.

  • Adjustable bracelet out of bra strap – you can use the unused straps to make a bracelet. Increase the beauty by using stones, pendants, beads or cute trinkets.

  • Studded bra – use studs to uplift the look of your old bra. It will amplify the look and makes it sexy.

Bra recycling:

Most of them have an unwanted or unused bra hiding in the back of a drawer. If you are planning to dispose of the bras, then consider below mentioned options.

  • You can recycle your bras
  • You can donate them

As per the latest reports, it has been found that most of the textile wastes are in the form of bras and they do not decompose in the soil.

Bra Recycling

Looking onto the level of pollution there are various companies which have initiated with the process of bra recycling. These are effective for worn out bras which can neither be donated nor reused. In that case you can get to the recycling companies who are specialized in recycling the fabric of your garment. These companies can easily be found in areas close to you. You can send your garment to them after washing it properly and labeling it with the necessary details. These companies compost the bra and reuse it as a new product available in the market.


It is the basic question which engulfs in our mind. Yes, we can donate used bra, there are many communities which hold bra donation camps and the bras you donate are given out to the ones in need. There are various groups to whom you can donate your used bras. The prominent organizations who deal with the donation of used bras are-

  1. I support the girls– They send the donated bras to the needy girls who are in their phase of adolescence and need proper education on hygiene and appropriate bra. So it is a good donation camp where you can donate your bra.
  2. Free the girls- this group works on freeing the girls who are involved in human trafficking. The saved girls are given jobs; they usually sell bras to the ones in need.
  3. Donate your bra- it is an online portal wherein you can log in and send your mail for donation. The bras donated by you are distributed to the breast cancer group.
  4. Local shelters- there are many domestic violence centers and local centers which welcome camps for bra donation. You can reach out to these local centers and inquire if they are into the donation of used bras and accordingly you can give away your bras for the better cause.

There are many ways and many things to do with old bras. It is completely up to you what you actually want to do with it. But it is always better if you either give it away or reuse it. You can even give it for recycling, so that the decomposition of waste in the form of textile is regulated and controlled. Contribute yourself for the good of mankind.

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