What Makes Nordstrom Online Customer Experience Satisfying?

The Internet has revolutionized the way we live. Nowadays, people mostly prefer shopping online rather than going and waste their time in stores. According to the latest reports, around 1.92 billion people shopped online this year.

Features that had been marvelous once are only seen as extraordinary basics these days. Websites need to be more functional and impressive than before. It is like combining science and technology with art. As shoppers, we are more demanding than ever, which has set a competition between retailers and is pushing them into improving their digital customer service, and according to the latest statistics online market will expand more and around 2021 there will be 2.14 people shopping online worldwide. Here are some slick features of the Nordstrom website which makes your online shopping experience so enjoyable.

The Clutter-Free Search Box:

When it comes to searching a product, the Nordstrom search box is tidy, arranged, in-order and jumble free, which boasts the great functionality of Nordstrom sites across all digital devices. The keyword search is extremely accurate and the browser will never have to search the right item in the heap of inessential items. The most amazing fact about Nordstrom has twice the market share on Google than Zappos, just because the company has beaten the competition with its excellent customer service.

Guiding A Customer:

The beautiful landing pages are offering a lot of inspirational videos and images to help the customer who is unsure of what to buy. Nordstrom navigation bar is vast and simple so that the customer doesn’t get confused. The categories and a vast variety of products are wondrously balanced. Filters are collapsible, conspicuous and can be cleared in one click. Shoppers like the ability to narrow down their search by brand, size, and color to find what they are looking for. The website speed is good too.

 Trained Employees:

Nordstrom has incredible customer service and many positive reviews. Each and everything i.e. Shipping timeline, Returns and exchange, Promotions and Policies, Taxes, Rates, and all other important stuff is explained very efficiently and in detailed. For you to enjoy your shopping experience, Nordstrom works very hard to satisfy their customer needs. Nordstrom provides its employees MyNordstrom account portal, to schedule their training, access their customer’s data, keep tabs with all latest news and training programs to live up to their customer needs or where they can coordinate. My Nordstrom account also gives the benefit of health insurance, promotions, and rewards to its employees. Moreover, with the help of Nordstrom account, the company keeps track of their employee’s activities so they can provide you the best experience of your life and that is what makes them professional and better than other companies. For more information and question regarding,  MyNordstrom, click here.

If you have more questions their customer service is always there to help you. You can contact them by calling them, email them or live chat with them.

The Easy Add To Cart Option:

Whether it’s a brunch date, summer date night, travel day or you are sorting your summer closet, the trending look option helps save your time and energy in finding the right dress with perfect accessories or shoes. All you have to do is choose the right personalized style and add it to cart or you can pick it from a nearby store.

The provided product information is detailed and clear with excellent quality image, image zoom functionality and stock availability. The only work you have to do is choose the look and click black add to bag option, and it’s all sorted.

The Simple Checkout Option:

The checkout is uncomplicated. All you have to do is provide the right details and when your order is placed you can easily track it. Unlike other websites, you don’t have to make the Nordstrom account if you don’t want to. But if you are a regular shopper I suggest you make Nordstrom account for all the latest updates and discount coupons.

If you are an international customer your parcel will be handled by Border free. All taxes and payment details are mentioned so you don’t face any problems. Prices are mentioned in their respective country currency. Nordstrom supports a variety of payment methods i.e. Visa, Master Card, Paypal, American Express so you don’t have any problem while paying and fast shipping is a plus. You can track your order by simply calling them or look it up online through borderfree.com, and if you are facing any kind of issues regarding your delivery package you can always contact them.

If you haven’t check out the website yet, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your shopping experience and leave a comment below.

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