What Jobs Are Available in Esthiology?

Your career determines what type of training you need, the tasks you’ll perform throughout your workday, where you’ll work, who you’ll interact with during your working hours, and how much money you’ll make. Pursuing a career you love ensures you’ll find your occupation rewarding for years to come.

The beauty industry generates over $530 billion worldwide each year. More retailers are producing or carrying beauty products, and consumers are purchasing clean beauty products, prompting companies to invest in toxin-free and ethically sourced ingredients. People interested in the beauty industry may become cosmetic chemists, hairstylists, cosmeticians, or estheticians. Let’s explore career options in esthiology, preparing for a career in this field, and how to know if this is the right career field for you.

What esthiology career options can you consider?

Esthiology focuses on skin and skin care. Esthiology professionals include estheticians, spa managers, makeup artists, medical estheticians, beauty bloggers, hair removal experts, and esthetician program instructors.

ZipRecruiter reports the median annual income for beauty bloggers is $43,800 as of 2022, while Salary.com reports medical estheticians earned median salaries of $49,360. According to Salary.com, the median income for laser hair removal technicians in 2022 was $42,733. Salary.com also reports esthetician program instructors enjoyed median annual incomes of more than $41,000 per year. Salon owners’ incomes vary based on their location, the services offered, and whether they serve as salon managers or hire a manager to oversee operations.

How can you prepare for a career in the beauty industry?


Completing an esthiology program from a reputable institute ensures you have the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in esthiology. Take an esthiology program that teaches you how to use skincare products, give facials, remove hair, and apply makeup. You can opt to specialize in body care, skin care, business development, facials, makeup artistry, or wellness.

Ideally, you’ll start thinking about your career interests when you’re in high school. Sign up for college admissions counseling to receive expert insight from a college counselor. They’ll help you clarify your interests and establish career goals. Your counselor will identify postsecondary programs providing the training required to prepare for a career in your chosen field.

Your counselor will evaluate your current postsecondary application and determine how to improve your application. Perhaps you’re taking academic courses but plan to apply to a cosmetology program. Adding a physical education class is an excellent way to demonstrate you have the physical stamina required to work in this field. Alternatively, you could engage in extracurricular sports, such as tennis or basketball, to establish your physical stamina.

Your counselor can review your college application essay and provide feedback. Your college essay can be an effective way to distinguish yourself from other applicants, and your college admissions counselor can help you refine your focus and reflect your personality to ensure you craft an excellent essay.

College admissions counselors can also help you secure an internship, enabling you to gain relevant experience before graduating from high school. Your counselor will also help you identify financial aid options and prepare financial aid and scholarships applications.

How can you know you’re suited for a career in this field?


Estheticians need exceptional attention to detail, ensuring they remove only unwanted hair or apply makeup with precision. This could be an excellent career option if you have strong attention to detail.

Professionals in this field need strong communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills. Extroverts may thrive as estheticians because they interact with people throughout their day.

Estheticians are passionate about beauty and helping people look their best. If you find yourself poring over beauty magazines in your spare time and watching beauty vloggers online, you may find a career as an esthetician rewarding.

People interested in esthiology can pursue various career options, such as becoming a medical esthetician, a spa owner, or a beauty blogger. Completing an esthiology program will prepare you to pursue careers in this field.

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