What Is the Purpose of An Amber Teething Necklace?

When trying to ease the pain of teething, many parents try to find the best solutions that will make their babies feel calmer and often use amber teething necklaces. However, there is some controversy surrounding this issue. The confusion stems from the fact that people often fail to understand how the amber teething necklace actually functions. It’s often believed that the necklace is meant to be chewed on to relieve discomfort, but in fact, the opposite is true.

What these necklaces actually do is calm the baby down, increase pressure on the gums, and dislodge the pieces of tooth to make the teething process easier and less painful. The beads in the necklace accomplish this by releasing the succinic acid they contain when they get warmed up by the baby’s skin.

However, despite all their benefits, they do present some health concerns. It is crucial to understand that amber necklaces are usually made out of small stones that are strung together. In case they break while the baby is playing with them, the stones present a choking hazard. The necklace breaking is also increased when the baby is allowed to chew on it. This is why it’s important to supervise your baby while they are playing with the necklace and if it does break, to get rid of it immediately.

What Is the Purpose of An Amber Teething Necklace?

The overarching goal of baby teething necklaces is to keep your baby calm and ease teething pain. When worn, amber stones exude a chemical called succinic acid that produces a lenitive effect on an agitated infant or teething baby. Amber Teething Necklace has been in use since time immemorial and continues to be popular amongst a large number of families all across the globe.

These necklaces are composed of tiny amber beads or merely one single stone and are either worn over the shoulder or secured around the infant’s limb. Nowadays, it is also extremely common for parents to choose the necklace that is hung around the ankle, as it is easy to put on and it makes it more difficult for the infant to remove the necklace on their own which also prevents them from chewing on it, which may cause certain hazards and safety issues.

The succinic acid that can be extracted from amber is known to contain powerful pain-relieving properties, which is what makes the stone such an effective analgesic and stress reliever for infants, babies, children, and even infants and adults. Succinic acid is absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin, where it can carry its balancing and pain-relieving properties to the CNS (Central Nervous System).

Because of its interesting properties, succinic acid can stop the secretion of enzymes that create muscle tension, reducing swelling, and easing pain in this way. As many know, this can increase the speed at which the teeth push through gums to emergence. But making an assessment of the properties of this acid isn’t everything you need to do.


One must first assess their child’s eating habits, overall well-being, sleeping habits, and the area in which they have tooth eruption, and then choose the teething necklace that will best facilitate their child.

If you are a parent, you understand how difficult it can be to know what to do in times like these.

Teething is a natural process of tooth multiplication and emerging that takes place when a child is between 4 and 8 months as well as their first years, or when some teeth are going to be substituted by the permanent tooth that will set in place in their adulthood. However, the process of teething may be difficult for the kid and also for their parents, as it often causes pain, itching, and discomfort. The pain may be present anywhere in the mouth, but usually, it is concentrated around the molar area and, in some cases, on the upper gum line.

Amber teething necklaces provide a gentle and natural way to help your baby feel calmer and help them take a break from their teething pain.

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