What is the Process of Multiplying the Exponents?

There are several kinds of activities in human life for example stock market, computer science, nuclear physics and various other kinds of things which include the multiplying exponents. Exponents are a very important component of algebra as well as modern-day mathematics and it is very much important for people to understand how things work. It is very much important for people to have a clear-cut idea about the exponents and several other kinds of rules before solving the questions. The exponents are considered to be the best possible way of expressing the repeated multiplication and the first number here will be referred to as the base because it will represent that number has to be multiplied. The second smallest number will be the exponent which will represent the number of times the base has to be multiplied by itself only. There are different kinds of rules which mean the product of powers rule, the quotient of powers rule, power of power rule, power of power rule, zero power rules, negative exponent rule and several other kinds of things.


Following are the most important ways of multiplying exponents:


●      Multiplying the exponents with the same base:

Whenever the students are multiplying the exponents with the same base then the first rule has to be applied which will make sure that powers have to be added together at the time of multiplying the bases. This is considered to be the shortcut way of finding out the answer very accurately. The best one is that this method will always work.

●      Multiplying the exponents with different bases:

It is also very much possible for people to multiply the exponents with different bases but the exponents have to be the same. First of all the individuals need to multiply the bases together and then add the exponent instead of adding the two exponents together it is important to keep the exponent the same. The students need to distribute power to each base when raising several variables by power and further it is important to ensure that this rule will hold as long as the exponents and the variables are the same.

●      Multiplying exponents with different bases and exponents:

This particular point is very much prevalent when people want to multiply different exponents with different bases. In this case, sometimes the answers cannot be simplified to a single exponent which is the main reason that it has to be expressed as a regular number only.

●      Multiplying negative exponents:

This concept might seem to be very much complicated but reviewing the properties of negative numbers is very much important so that people can solve the question very easily. To change the negative exponents to a positive one it has to be flipped into a reciprocal so that answers can be found and to further solve this particular exponent it is very much important for people to deal with things perfectly. The base is different because the multiplication of the bases has to be carried out by leaving the exponents the same. If exponents have nothing in common then the equation has to be directly solved out.


Different kinds of activities have to be carried out by the students in terms of practising the multiplication of exponents for example prodigy, exponent war, scavenger hunt, Jeopardy, and various other kinds of worksheets as well so that they become masters of the field of exponents and can have a good command over the multiplication of exponents. Further, it is very much important for the teachers to teach the students with proper procedure of multiplication of exponents so that they never face any kind of hassle in the whole process. The parents should enrol their children on platforms like Cuemath’s website so that they never face any kind of issues in the whole process and can enjoy mathematics.


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