What are some latest fashion trends for bridesmaid for 2019?

Picking out the perfect wedding dress can take time and say “yes” to the perfect dress is always a special moment. While all eyes are definitely on you on your special day, you want to make sure your wedding party is dressed their best as well. Bridesmaid dresses are usually thought of as unflattering or boring pieces. However, today’s bridesmaids are looking much more stylish. Here are some of your favorite trends for bridesmaids this year:


  • Wrap – Ever since Diane Von Furstenberg popularized this style in the 1970s, the wrap dress has been a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. This makes for the perfect bridesmaid dress because it is a versatile style that can look flattering on everyone. It is also a great dress that can be styled for both casual or formal events. Your bridesmaids will also be thrilled to be sporting a dress they can wear again.
  • One-shoulder – Strapless was once a popular choice for bridesmaids because it was a great style that was flattering on many body types and showed off some skin in a subtle way. However, a popular style that echos that same sexy style is a one-shoulder dress. This makes for a more covered up and formal look that can also look great on many different body types.
  • Tiered – Ruffles might be a cute idea for your flower girl’s dress but a more sophisticated and subtle way to incorporate the ruffle look is through tiered skirts. A tiered dress is another way to have a dress that fits many body types. It will flatter slimmer body types but also create a beautiful silhouette for fuller body types. Most dresses with tiers are made from lightweight and moveable fabric that will make it comfortable for your bridesmaids for the whole wedding day.
  • High Slit– Showing off some skin can be done subtly with a high slit dress. Your bridesmaids will enjoy the cheeky bit of leg they can show off while still looking elegant and stylish.


  • Wine – Red is often a popular wedding color because it symbolizes love and passion. This year a darker shade of red is popular to add a beautifully dramatic effect. This color is especially beautiful for a winter or fall wedding. This strong color will look great against your white dress and it is a great choice because it is a great color for many different skin tones.
  • Blush – Pretty pastels are always a top pick for bridesmaids dresses. This year blush or pale dusty pink is a great pick. This color looks beautiful for a spring or summer wedding. The lightness of the color borders on neutral this makes it the perfect hue for accessorizing. Adding some sparkle such as custom necklaces can dress up this subtle color and is a great way to give your bridesmaids a special thank you gift. If you want to gift a real special piece of jewelry you can create a custom matching necklaces for your bridesmaids. It might seem pricey to gift jewelry but you can create something special at a great price by purchasing loose diamonds or other gems online then contacting a local jeweler to create a setting.
  • Dusty Blue – While blush or pink is a common go-to for bridesmaids dresses, other pastels make for a great color option. If you want to change things up but still want a pastel color, you should consider choosing an unexpected color hue such as blue. It is a great color for any season whether you are having a spring or winter wedding. This shade of blue tends to look closely to a grayish color which gives it a much more modern look.
  • Printed Florals – Florals in spring might not be surprising to anyone but it is an unexpected choice for a bridesmaid dress. Instead of going for one solid color for your bridesmaids, choosing a pattern can make your bridesmaids stand out. A patterned dress also creates a more casual look so it is great for a semi-formal wedding. This style would look beautiful for a beach or garden wedding.

Picking the perfect bridesmaids dress is all about balance. You want dresses that are flattering for all body types but also something that is classic and yet might have some modern elements. Keeping your bridesmaids stylish will ensure your entire your vision for your wedding creates a timeless and memorable experience for everyone.



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